Chain Gang Season Opener

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Chain Gang Season Opener

Post  fae10 on Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:32 pm

The Chain Gang started out the ABHL season with a bang. Critics asked whether the CG was gonna be able to score goals, or would they be too slow? could they keep up with the pace of 3 vs 3 ball hockey? well needless to say they answered those questions and more. They showed they could play a clamp down style as well as a quick paced old fashioned shootout.

In their first game they met a shorthanded Cash Only team. Although Cash Only stars played well they missed key forward Will Chan in their balanced attack. It was close for most of the game till the CG was able to break through and pot 3 quick goals. The heat and intensity picked up quickly as emotions boiled over. In the end the CG goaltending proved to be rock steady and CG pulled out its first ever ABHL win. The CG used debit and credit cards and proved the McCauley boys and girls club was NOT a CASH ONLY establishment.

The Chain Gang were beneficiaries of a kind schedule and got to play the Shockers on the second half of their back to back games. Although obviously tired the Shockers got out to the quick start and led for most of the half. Able to grind it back out the CG was able to tie the game going into the half. The slow rough and tumble pace continued as the CG's focus was to lock down Shockers snipers Ken Dang and Stan Chan. Each Shocker star was able to hit the scoresheet, but after three goals they were capped out. The CG surged after a tight game after some gritty work by CG forward David Luong. Luong recorded 4 straight assists and before you could say "TWO IN THE PINK ONE IN THE STINK" the CG were well on their way to their second straight victory. Their second victory came at a cost though as GM and captain of the CG went down with a serious injury and will be missed for the next 4-6wks.

Over the next few weaks the Chain Gang will try to live up to its motto of no weak links and work as a team to stay atop the ABHL standings.
till next week



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Re: Chain Gang Season Opener

Post  Koolfumble Kelly on Tue Mar 15, 2011 9:05 pm

Sweet series recap Felix, 2 steps forward with the wins but 1 real big step back with your injury man, Heal fast and follow our sports trainers' every word of advice. Good playing team and way to show everybody that, Yes, our chains do hang low

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