Season 2 - ABHL Power Rankings - Week 3

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Season 2 - ABHL Power Rankings - Week 3

Post  johnlu on Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:47 am

This week - Rank #1
Last week - Rank #1
Slammer Hammer Jammer Bammers (6-0-0)

It wasn't an easy week for SHJB as they played the Shockers and Chain Gang which were ranks 2 and 3 respectively. Still with stiff competition SHJB was able to again notch 2 wins in a row. SHJB has not yet been beaten this season and their last regular season loss came March 26, 2011 which was Game 3 of season 1 vs. the Roosters! Led by strong consistent goaltending by Dan Sune, and strong offensive play by Keith Mah, this team is showing no signs of slowing down. Keith Mah, Daniel Mah and Kevin Chew produced 78% of SHJB's points this season. Kevin Chew has emerged as a star in the past 2 weeks which gives the team another offensive threat. When SHJB's supporting cast decides to chip into the scoring, I don't see many teams that can stop this colossi force we call the Slammer Hammer Jammer Bammers.
Key injuries: none

This week - Rank #2
Last week - Rank #3
Shockers (2-2-2)

Shockers go 1-1 while missing key players in Captain Hon Yee and set up machine Thang Ly. While coming out on top in a spirited battle vs. the Chain Gang, Shockers barely lost to SHJb in the last minute of the game. I still believe to date that this team is the most deepest team in the league this season. Shockers have yet to be able to field their full roster for any weeks of the ABHL this season while missing key players due to personal reasons throughout the first three ABHL weeks. Expect this team to surge up the ranks and challenge for that top spot once the whole team is at the games. With so many missing man games, Shockers still remain second place in which Shockers' General Manager must be proud. Shockers success is due to great goaltending by Vince Wong and scoring by committee by the rest of the team. Ken Dang and Curtis Mah lead the team with scoring with 9 points each. Offensive minded grinders in David Luong and Kevin Tai have fit the bill nicely as they have been wearing each team down with their physical and speedy plays. Bryan Lee has finally provided solid defence to the Shockers in which they have been looking for since the season 1. There are no weak links to this team while they have all the pieces to make noise in the playoffs or even win their first ever championship. They have speed, physicalness, defence, offence, goaltending and good leadership and will be a team to be reckoned with for the remainder of the season.
Key injuries: Ken Dang (shoulder), Hon Yee (upper body), Thang Ly (back)

This week - Rank #3
Last week - Rank #6
Roosters (2-4-0)

The biggest jump in power rankings this week goes to Roosters and let me explain why. Roosters go 1-1 vs. Cash Only and Flying Tigers this week which the return of their highest paid forward Steve Wong. With Steve the Roosters were able to create a well rounded top line in Danh Le, Ricky Gregorio and Steve Wong. This trio produced 6 goals and 5 assists in week 3 and looked nearly unstoppable. Supporting cast of Johnny Nguyen and Jimmy Ly notched 3 goals 2 assists combined to help their team in the cause. Going 1-1 while missing speedy playmaker Eric Huynh is impressive. Week 4 is six sleeps away and the Roosters are ready to showcase their star forward that all teams have been anxious to see. Roosters have been clearing the cap space to be able to accommodate this player and General Manager David Nguyen is certain that the player will make an immediate impact in this league. If this player is really who the GM says he is, then do expect Roosters to start winning and climb the ladder to the top of the standings. Like many people have said; when you hit rock bottom like the Roosters have, the only way to go is up!
Key injuries: Eric Huynh (personal leave), Steve Wong (lower body)

This week - Rank #4
Last week - Rank #5
Flying Tigers (2-3-1)

Flying Tigers remain rank 5 in the power rankings while sitting in rank 3 in the ABHL standings. This is another team that is flying under the radar. This is a very deep team that was drafted well this season. Leaders Bernie Chu and Garvin Chow lead the team with a combined 17 goals and 8 assists. Joseph Florendo and close friend Kelly Pham have been reunited to help Flying Tigers move up the standings. Underated forward Mike Lee and Victor Trac have been doing the little things to help the team win. On paper this is another team that is very strong defensively and offensively. The biggest question mark on this team is the goaltending. Can Hoac Tang play the way he did in season 1 for the SHJB? Hoac Tang is known to be a slow starter but do expected him to start stealing some games for the team in orange. I'm predicting this dark horse team to break out from the pack soon once the team is full strength.
Key injuries: Garvin Chow (personal leave)

This week - Rank #5
Last week - Rank #2
Chain Gang (2-3-1)

Chain Gang is the only team to drop both games in week 3. Though they were vs. two of the top teams in the league, more fight and resistance was expected from the Chain Gang. With only a total of 5 goals scored in week 3, Chain Gang's supporting cast contributed to only 1 goal 2 assist. What was once assessed as a deep team, Chain Gang is not looking nearly as deep as they once were after the blockbuster trade with Cash Only. To be successful once again, Chain Gang will need their top line to continue to dominate while getting contributions from their second line as well. New net minder Alex Hoang will also need to step up his game and be more consistent if Chain Gang doesn't want to fall out of the playoff race. Underachieving Paolo Jimenez was expected to carry a big load on the offensive side for the blue team this season but he has only scored 1 goal in 4 contests. Expect Chain Gang to turn things around in week 4 but if they don't, the GM of the Chain Gang is known not to be afraid to shake things up!
Key injuries: Felix Wong (lower body), Gene Carandang (groin)

This week - Rank #6
Last week - Rank #4
Cash Only (2-4-0)

Cash Only is another one of the four teams in week 3 going 1-1 while missing offensive powerhouse in Winslow Tang. This week Cash Only had two new members to the team dawning the lucky green jerseys. Stanley Chan and Nick Yatco made their debuts with their new club and immediately made some noise. Stanley Chan was able to notch 5 out of 7 of Cash Only's total goals in week 3 and Nick Yatco was solid between the pipes by only allowing 5 goals for. It appears as the trade with Chain Gang has resulted in quick dividends for Cash Only. What's concerning is that this week Cash Only's captain Ryan Ho was held pointless while Cash Only's keeper Gary Wong was held to only 1 goal. Not only that, but also two key forwards in Jason Lee and Stanley Chan are not expecting to make season 2's playoffs (if Cash Only makes it into the top 4 by season's end) due to personal reasons which will hurt Cash Only's championship hunt. With another 5 weeks until playoffs, Cash Only will need to rely on their leaders to step up and lead their team into the playoffs once again. If Cash Only makes the cut, do expect big trades to come.
Key injuries: Gary Wong (upper body)

This is John Lu reporting, TaSN, Edmonton.

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