ABHL trading frenzy. Whose on the block?

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ABHL trading frenzy. Whose on the block?

Post  R.Rishaug on Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:12 am

So with so many abhlers changing uniforms it's gotta put questions in the back of every players mind. On a week to week basis asking themselves am I next?

The aggressive cap structure constantly pushes the GMs to make moves to always stay under the cap. While every player often builds relationships and chemistry with their current teams and these can be difficult to leave. A huge positive though is the new exciting experience of sporting a new teams colors and getting to know everyone in the ABHL. With that here's a journalists perspective on some of the hottest commodities that may find new homes durin the course of the season.

1) Louis Lai- with the start this rookie is having what GM wouldn't be salivating over his skills. Also with a hefty rookie contract and with SHJB constantly in cap trouble he's a gem that will be shopped.
Prediction dealt by week 5.

2) Winslow Tang - when talking about trades u have to discuss the veteran we call dub. He has the most trades under his belt. At a good price he brings leadership intensity and defence that u can't match. As shown by the chain gang poff run in season 2. All gms are all ears when Winslows name is mentioned.
Prediction dealt by week 6.

3) John pho - this rookie is also quietly making waves. People are starting to take notice of the the quietly solid season he is putting together. At a great price tag he's a valuable commodity that any team in need of cap relief can use. Chain gang gm Felix Wong has been known to have a quick trigger finger so a deal involving John wouldn't be surprising I'm sure.
Prediction dealt by week 7.

4) Joseph Florendo - Joseph is having a relatively quiet start to the season. With cash only struggling its not a mystery as to why he's not producing. We've all seen what mr underrated can do and now would be a great time to buy low.
Prediction dealt by week 7

5) check Chang - although he's been missing the last few weeks the former rookie of the year adds a grit and nastiness that any team could use for a playoff run. Defence men are very hard to come buy and check will likely cost a package of picks and a good prospect back. Shjb cap issues with a third of their salary committed to two players it's a good bet check will be dealt.
Prediction dealt by week 5.

As u all know these are predictions and they may or may not have any real bearing. But I guess we'll all have to see as the season progresses.

Till next time.

R.Rishaug TaSN -Edmonton.


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