SHJB Season Opener

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SHJB Season Opener

Post  Dano on Sun Mar 20, 2011 3:36 am

Coming into Saturday's start of the ABHL season, many teams looked at SHJB as a team on the rebuild even before the drop of the first ball. SHJB was criticized for drafting family first when GM Daniel Mah drafted his cousins Steve & Keith as SHJB's 1st and 2nd picks. Daniel Mah responded to the criticism of the haters with deep words saying: "No matter the results, as long as I got family, I win."

11am was the the beginning of a long journey ahead for Slammer Hammer Jammer Bammers. SHJB had 2 significant players missing from the lineup. These two players included 2nd rounder Keith Mah and 4th rounder Garvin Chow. With 2 of the best SHJB players missing for the season opener, SHJB called up Boris Le and Andrew Kwan from the minors to help fill the void. Boris has performed well in minors playing for Bac Fan, an ESSC co-ed team, while Andrew Kwan never touched a hockey stick since back in Junior High but did play NHL 2011 on a nightly basis! 2nd rounder Steve Wong was a game time decision for the opener as on Friday night he had dislocated his shoulder at the gym doing military presses. Doctors evaluated Steve's injury and told trainers that he'd be out of action for 12 weeks. Without SHJB's top 3 forwards, how would SHJB fair vs the tough competition in the ABHL?

The first match up of the 11am - 1pm block was SHJB vs. Rooster. Steve Wong took warm ups and was feeling good enough to play, he got the nod. SHJB started the game by scoring the first goal by Daniel Mah which made the highlight reel in the top 5 of the plays of the week by receiving a no look pass from Boris and slipping it passed the Rooster goaltender. All looked well until Roosters started to play with team work and heart to take the lead on SHJB. From there on they didn't look back and beat SHJB 6-4. In this game every player in Rooster hit up the scoreboard. Wilson Man led SHJB with 2 goals 1 assist vs Rooster. This was the first game SHJB got to play with each other. With all the new faces, every player had something different to bring to the table. GM of SHJB will have to figure out how to use his players to the best of their abilities and at the right situations.

Before the second match began, SHJB was already handicapped with Andrew Kwan and Richard Lee leaving the arena due to personal reasons. SHJB was left with 6 players in which one of them included Dan Sune holding fort between the pipes. With a 5 man rotation, SHJB had to play smart and take advantage of the tired Flying Tigers team as they'd be coming right out of a back to back game vs. team Rooster. Captain Daniel Mah told reporters that earlier that day that SHJB's goal was to win one of two games for the season opener. By losing 2 players for the second game, the chances of that are slimmer, yet SHJB was up to the challenge. The SHJB vs. Flying Tigers game was a non stop shooting affair. The teams scored a total of 13 goals which was the highest scoring game of the day. Daniel Mah injured his elbow on a fall while making a power move to the net in which he was tripped by Robin Chu. With blood all over the sleeve of his shirt and a numb left elbow, gritty forward Daniel Mah returned to the lineup to finish the game. SHJB took this one 7-6 and got their one win they were looking for. SHJB goalie Dan Sune stepped up to make some big saves in the last 5 minutes of the game when Flying Tigers were pushing for the tie. Shutdown defenceman Sonny Nguyen played stellar defense in holding the Flying Tigers at bay. In this game the Chu twins led Flying Tigers with 2 goals and 1 assist each while SHJB got a more balanced attack from each of their players. Wilson (4 goals), Daniel (1 goal 3 assists), Boris (2 goals), and Steve (2 assists).

SHJB was rather successful in the first week of the ABHL as they were able to sneak out a win while missing two of their top four forwards. The team seems to be gelling well and in time, as they get healthier, they will be much better. My recommendation to you all is to jump on this bandwagon and enjoy the ride to the ABHL playoffs!


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shjb wk 1

Post  fae10 on Sun Mar 20, 2011 2:03 pm

great call will be interesting to see when your entire team is there. show the ABHL no rebuild hahhaha


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