Trades on the way?

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Trades on the way?

Post  johnlu on Tue Mar 22, 2011 2:25 pm

4 sleeps away until ABHL plays its second week of the season. Games 3 and 4 will be played on Saturday March 26. The biggest issues of late are the significant injuries that ABHL players have sustained since day 1 of ABHL.

For Saturday's games, Chain Gang will be missing the services of captain Felix Wong and Jimmy Phung due to injuries. Starting goaltender and #1 star of the week, Nick Yatco, is day to day with a lower body injury. Twin tower Bryan Lee may also be away for personal reasons. The defensive juggernauts of weak 1 appear to be struggling to suit up a sufficient lineup for Saturday's games. Chain Gang GM's hands may be forced to make a trade to help fill his lineup for Saturday. Will chain gang be the first to make a trade?

Chain Gang has temporary help on the way with calling up Clarence Chai from the minors. But what if the injuries riddling the Chain Gang are longer than expected? Chain Gang does have cushion to drop as they have won both games up to date giving them 4 pts in the standings and sitting at first place. But the Chain Gang's lineup does not look at deep as previous games. Chain Gang's lineup for Saturday will look like this:

1st line:
F - Jason Lee
F - David Luong
D - Ricky Gregorio

2nd line:
F - Clarence Chai
F - Kelly Pham

G - Nick Yatco

There have been several GMs reported to have interest in a few of Chain Gang's players, but the GM does not want to move anyone especially since the team is having great chemistry as of late and why change things when your team is winning? With the low ceiling of the salary cap, and the rising salaries of players, how will GM's keep their teams within the league limits? Player movements are inevitable and are expected soon. Who will be the first team to open the flood gates? TaSN has your coverage so tune in next time.

This is John Lu reporting, TaSN, Edmonton.

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Re: Trades on the way?

Post  Hon on Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:38 pm

Hey John Lu



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