SHJB Week 2 Recap

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SHJB Week 2 Recap

Post  Dano on Thu Mar 31, 2011 1:32 am

Coming into week 2, SHJB was 1-1. Great expectations was expected of this club as week 2 was the debut of two of their star players, Keith Mah and Garvin Chow. GM Daniel Mah has high expectations of these two players.

SHJB players haven't showed up to the arena until 5 minutes till the drop of the puck. Captain of SHJB had a bad feeling of the opening game as he was running around trying to get a hold of his team. The first match was a rematch of week 1, Roosters vs SHJB. Roosters got the best of SHJB by beating them 6-4 in week 1. SHJB hopes to stand up to these bullies and win one for the good guys! Without proper introduction of the new players, the game began. The game was hard fought, the teams were in a big defensive battle. Throughout the game the teams were neck to neck and the score differential was no more than one goal. In the last two minutes of the game, SHJB had been called for a hooking penalty. Which penalty resulted in the game winning goal as Roosters are now 2-0 vs SHJB. SHJB's goals came from Garvin Chow, Daniel Mah and Keith Mah. The defensive efforts of team Rooster held the offensive powerhouses to just 3 goals. Keith Mah and Garvin Chow were both not used to the field as the Arena with the combination of the softer ball, had a more sticky feel to it. This resulted in a lot of missed shots, forcing the shots high. But with both teams playing in the same conditions, Roosters came up on top once again.

Slammer Hammer Jammer Bammers were playing back to back games this morning. Their second match was against the handicapped Cash Only team that has lost Captain Ryan Ho to a shoulder injury. With the poor start and finish of last game, SHJB was determined to rebound hard and did they ever. SHJB played their type of game by putting on many shots and make quick plays to beat Cash Only 13-5. This was the biggest victory of the season so far in ABHL history. Number one player of the week, Keith Mah, proved his worth by scoring 6 goals and getting 2 assists this game. Garven Chow and Steve Wong each scored a hat trick and helped lead the squad to the victory. "This is what I expected of my players when I drafted them. I knew what they were capable of and I knew the kind of players they were." says GM Daniel Mah.

Week 2 ended the way week 1 did for SHJB with split decisions. SHJB's current record is 2-2. Week 3 SHJB faces the defensively sound Chain Gang and a rematch between Cash Only and SHJB will occur.


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