Chain Gang week 3 Results

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Chain Gang week 3 Results

Post  fae10 on Mon Apr 11, 2011 12:36 am

Well after a much hyped week of the ABHL, I do believe it lived up to its expectations. A new arena, new matchups, and old teammates squared off. Lets look at how the games for the Chain Gang played out.

this was one of the most anticipated matchups of week 3. Former CG members Jason Lee and Bryan Lee were prepared to face their old mates. Now adorning the green of CASH ONLY both players were fired up to join forces with Will Chan and other original members. On the Chain Gang side new members Felix Cheng, Clarence Chai and Gary Wong were ready to fit in and contribute. The CG got a surprise return from captain Felix Wong. Felix definetly wanted to be part of the new look CG and hope to continue their winning ways. It was clear he wasnt 100% but with a new 4 vs 4 format subs were needed. Off the hop CO cashed their cheques and jumped out to a 2-0 lead. The first goal was off a brutal turnover from Felix Wong as Jason Lee continued to show his top tier talent with a beautfiul breakaway goal on Nick Yatco. Now being down 2-0, it seemed as though the Chain Gang settled down and got past the new team jitters. Newly acquired Gary Wong recorded his first goal with his new team, shortly after Felix Wong scored in his return. Now being 2-2 it was a back and forth affair, with both teams playing their hearts out. Then CG got a lift from its free agent signing Clarence Chai. After a sloppy turnover Chai quickly took the mistake and went top shelf to score the eventual game winning goal. Final score 3-2 CG. Needless to say it was a tough loss after Cash Only showed they are a force to be reckoned with.

so after a fortunate schedule in the first two weeks of the ABHL, the Chain Gang was put to the test with its first btb of the season.
They still had a full roster, but only three subs and one of the players was injured and often was a liability. The fatigue showed quick after the hardfought battle just occured with Cash Only. The CG thought they had a gameplan set out, but they definetly werent ready for the storm that SHJB brought. In its first matchup with SHJB the CG finally understood what being dominated was all about. In a rough approximation possession time for the Red Jammers was 80% if not more. They are a high powered offensive juggernaut, but what was more surprising was the defense, CG was limited to very few shots and even fewer quality scoring chances. It goes to show if you possess the ball for great amounts of time there isnt a need to play defense. SHJB jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead, CG thought they had answered making 2-1 but a controversial no goal was called. A huge TaSN turning point as SHJB made it 3-0 the very next shift. To add to the fatigue issues Clarence Chai took a inadvertant high stick, he suffered a scary gash above his eye and left immediately for hospital attention. Rattled, tired, frustrated the CG seemed defeated. Felix Wong was able to break the shutout, but thats all that did. The Jammers added another goal to make it 4-1 and that indeed would be the final score. All good things come to an end, and thats what CG's win streak did in week 3. SHJB showed they were here to stay and are clearly not in rebuild mode. A huge win over the #1 rated CG will build for great momentum for this team. Warning to all watch out as they are for real.


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