Ca$h Only Week 2 Recap

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Ca$h Only Week 2 Recap

Post  Ca$h Only GM on Tue Apr 12, 2011 3:27 pm

Week 2

Cash only coming off 1-1 record after week 1 were placed 4th in the power ranking by John Lu. They were determined to prove John Lu incorrect, this team was much better than 4th.
They got surprise boost as forward Will Chan, who had made it back from this personal vacation.
With Will Chan return Team Cash only looks much stronger and richer.

Cash Only first game of week 2 was against the 2 -0 Roosters. Roosters came out strong potting 4 goals in 1st half alone. Winslow Tang potted a sick hat track in first half.
But Ryan Ho was able to ruin the shutout with few minutes remaining in the 1st half.
After a brief break, Cash only was able to gather their cash and came out with a strong 2nd half.
Ryan Ho scored 3 goals in span of 15 sec and was able to tie the game up.
Strong play from Victor and Richard forced turnover that Will Chan capitalized on and gave them their first lead of day.
After amazing save by Alex Hoang, Will turn up floor and forced a two on one and fed a pass over to Gary Wong, for backbreaking two goal lead.
Few minutes’ later cash only took devastating blow to its roster.
Ryan Ho reoccurring right injured shoulder was dislocated in fierce battle for the ball.
He was helped off the floor and left for the hospital.
Cash only was in awe, but was able to cash in there cheque and leave with a victory.
Even with controversial goal call back by the refs , as it look like Joseph Florendo made a kicking motion to deflect the ball into the net, that would have eventually tied the game up.

Cash Only in disarray after losing star forward Ryan Ho, were up against questionable 3rd rank Slammer Hammer Jammer Bammer.
Unable to have strong roster present, Cash only was easily defeated by SHJB 13 – 5.
Cash only were unable to make any real presence during the game.
Keith Mah went off on Cash only for 8 pts and only push came from cash only forward was goal scoring leader Gary Wong with a 4 goal game and his league leading 8th goal.
Cash only was flag was for non-sufficient funds and had to settle for 1-1 record for week 2.

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