ABHL Power Rankings - Week 3

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ABHL Power Rankings - Week 3

Post  johnlu on Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:39 am

This week - Rank #1
Last week - Rank #1
Chain Gang (5-1-0)

Biggest news in the past couple of weeks is that Chain Gang acquired Allstar forward Gary Wong and Felix Cheng from Cash Only which costs them two very strong players in Bryan Lee and Jason Lee along with the currently injured Jimmy Phung. There was a different looking Chain Gang in week 3, one that looked no longer invincible after losing 4-1 to SHJB. Chain Gang still managed to tough out a win against Cash Only but that did not come easy. The 1-1 team in week 3 remains atop the power rankings as they are still the strongest team in the league.
Key injuries: Felix Wong (lower body), Kelly Pham (ankle), Clarence Chai (eye)

This week - Rank #2
Last week - Rank #3
Slammer Hammer Jammer Bammers (3-2-1)

SHJB climbed up one spot this week as they went undefeated beating #1 ranked Chain Gang and tieing Cash Only in the last 3 seconds of the game with a goal by Garvin Chow. SHJB was missing their starting goaltender but committed to team defense to help their backup goaltender to a 1-0-1 record. SHJB is looking more and more like a threat but will need to win both games in week 4 if they expect to really be taken seriously.
Key injuries: Daniel Mah (Ankle), Keith Mah (Toe)

This week - Rank #3
Last week - Rank #2
Roosters (3-3-0)

This team has been steadily dropping a rank every week. With a strong start to the season, it looks like Rooster is experiencing fatigue and team unity at this moment. Their 110% effort on every play can wear their players down, and when things go bad, they go real bad for them as there are rumors that Allstar Winslow Tang has waived his no trade clause and is unhappy with both his goalie and management. Things will need to get straightened out by week 4 if they do expect to stay in the top 4, and I do expect Roosters to recover and bounce back from this as there are an extremely difficult team for any team to play against.
Key injuries: none

This week - Rank #4
Last week - Rank #6
Flying Tigers (2-4-0)

Flying Tigers not only got their first win of the season, but they also got their second in week 3 as they went 2-0 defeating Shockers and Roosters. The Tigers have been losing all of their games by only one goal. This week they were finally able to lock it down and come out ahead at the end of each of their games. Big ups go to Kevin Chan and John Vu who was a big reason for the Flying Tigers' success in week 3. Momentum is on their side do expect more wins to come for this talented team.
Key injuries: Bernie Chu (lower body)

This week - Rank #5
Last week - Rank #4
Cash Only (2-3-1)

The new looking Cash Only team with additions of Jason Lee, Bryan Lee and Jimmy Phung looked like they won the trade with Chain Gang as their players were already paying dividends as they contributed to the success in week 3. Though only earning one point from a devastating tie with SHJB with 3 seconds left on the clock, Cash Only only lost to Chain Gang by one goal, and almost beat SHJB. Week 3 was a tough week for Cash Only as not only did their new players had to gel immediately with the older players, but they also had to face the current top two teams in the ABHL. Expect Cash Only to rebound from week 3!
Key injuries: Ryan Ho (Shoulder), Jimmy Phung (Ankle)

This week - Rank #6
Last week - Rank #5
Shockers (2-4-0)

It's not that Shockers are the worst team in the league as they are still keeping with the pack, but other teams have been stepping up and winning more games which eventually dropped the power ranking of the mediocre playing Shockers. This two headed monster team led by Ken Dang and Stanley Chan are showing signs of greatness as they potted a goal in the last 10 seconds of the game to earn their one win in week 3. To really climb in the standings, Shockers need to start winning. With the lowest GF and the highest GA, it's a uphill climb for weeks to come. But there's only one direction now for this team, and that's up!
Key injuries: none

This is John Lu reporting, TaSN, Edmonton.

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Re: ABHL Power Rankings - Week 3

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