Trade between SHJB & Cash Only

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Trade between SHJB & Cash Only

Post  johnlu on Tue Apr 19, 2011 2:51 am

Slammer Hammer Jammer Bammers gets:
Victor Trac (6gp 2g 2a)
3rd round pick of next season

Cash Only gets:
Richard Lee (3gp 1a)
Curtis Mah (SHJB's sign & trade)
7th round pick of next season

Trade improves both teams as this is how the ABHL is designed. SHJB moves up in next year's draft by acquiring a 3rd rounder for their 7th at the expense of SHJB using their #1 waiver pick to acquire Curtis Mah and completing a sign and trade to Cash Only.

SHJB gets some added size to their lineup by adding workhorse and fan favorite Victor Trac. "I definitely look forward to being part of this dynamic team" says the excited young talent. Victor's role is still undetermined on this offensive minded squad, but due to his athleticism and hard work, SHJB can fit him just about anywhere. "Yeah I definitely like to play forward and crashing the net just seems to work for me haha. I'm definitely still learning the game and am very excited for the learning opportunities that I'm sure SHJB will give me." SHJB's leaders will surely help in Victor's development into the player that he wants to become! With the willingness to learn and listen, the sky's the limit for this kid. "We're very happy to have him. We have been scouting him for quite some time and you can tell he brings intangibles to the game that no other players can. If he's not hurting you on the scoreboard, he's hurting you somewhere else." says General Manager of SHJB. SHJB also receives a 3rd rounder and free up $576k in cap space.

Cash Only receives the two way play making forward Richard Lee. Richard has only played 3 games with SHJB due to a personal leave of absence. In those 3 games he got 1 assist. Though his points may have been difficult to come by playing for SHJB, Richard looks for a fresh start in Cash Only. Only having 3 ABHL games under his belt, many believe we have yet to see the best of Richard. This should prove to be true as he was one of the leading scorers of the Jackaloppes in the Ball Hockey Edmonton League. With talents of Jason Lee, Bryan Lee, William Chan and now Curtis Mah surrounding him, watch for this play maker to blossom and fit right into Cash Only roster.

The biggest part of the deal is the sign and trade of Curtis Mah. Curtis Mah brings a different element to this game. He is comparable to leading scorer Jason Lee and have played on previous teams with him. I would put my money on the fact that Jason knew that Curtis would bring Cash Only over the top, and recommending Cash Only GM to sign him. "I played left wing but can play D too. I am comparable to Jason Lee. haha." Those of you that do not know of this skilled forward, here's a comparison to teammate Jason Lee: "Well I'm definitely better than him at ice. probably same at ball hockey. I can shoot and run well but my stick handling isn't the greatest in ball hockey." Modest forward gives Cash Only scorer. While Curtis' debut is still up in the air, he will make an immediate impact. Cash Only receives 7th round pick and frees up $657k in cap space.

Overall this trade improved both teams. The trade helps Cash Only more now, while SHJB will benefit more in the future. Lots of respect to both General Managers to get a deal like this done and trying to improve their teams one transaction at a time.

This is John Lu reporting, TaSN, Edmonton.

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