ABHL Power Rankings - Week 4

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ABHL Power Rankings - Week 4

Post  johnlu on Tue May 03, 2011 4:01 pm

This week - Rank #1
Last week - Rank #3
Roosters (5-3-0)

We have a new number 1 this week, and that's team Rooster! This team was able to bounce back in a strong way after losing 2 games in week 3, they were able to win 2 games in week 4 in a big way by beating newly revamped Cash Only team 5-3 and beating the number one seed Chain Gang with a score of 9-2! Rooster has also improved their team for the coming week as they have acquired power forward Paolo Jimenez in a sign and trade deal and also acquiring the services of Stanley Chan and Steve Lai. The Roosters didn't stop there as they have traded for the services of most improved player nominee David Luong. These acquisitions should improve the Roosters significantly as they already have a strong defensive game and now an even stronger offensive game. Roosters are 3-0-0 vs the top 2 teams in the league right now, and with the new faces to the team, this team is a big threat come playoff time.
Key injuries: Winslow Tang (knee)

This week - Rank #2
Last week - Rank #2
Slammer Hammer Jammer Bammers (5-2-1)

SHJB remains at number 2 this week with a record of 4-0-1 in their last 5, they are only 1 point out from first place in the standings. This offensive juggernaut continues to show just how clutch they are by scoring the game winning goal with 5 seconds left on the clock over the Flying Tigers. SHJB has come back from one of the biggest deficits in ABHL history! With SHJB down 4-1 at the early stages of the second half, they were able to come back to win 6-5 and notching 2 wins in week 4. Week 4 showcased the newly acquired Victor Trac. Victor has showed that he fits SHJB's game well by bringing his physicalness and hard work to help win games. This team is on the rise but they will have to beat team Rooster if they want to be seen as the real deal because if the playoffs started today, they'd be matched up vs. team Rooster which they are currently 0-2 against.
Key injuries: none

This week - Rank #3
Last week - Rank #1
Chain Gang (6-2-0)

Still sitting first place in the league with 12pts with SHJB and Roosters closing in, Chain Gang has dropped to rank 3 this week. Chain Gang went 1-1 in week 4 while missing key players in Ricky Gregorio, David Luong, and Kelly Pham. Chain Gang is currently 0-2 vs the next top 2 teams. Good news for Chain Gang is Captain Felix Wong is healing well from his lower body injury and is close to being 100%. Forward Clarence Chai has stepped up his game to fill the void left by the missing players in week 4. The acquisition of Kevin Tai brings some size, speed and endurance to the Chain Gang which is much needed. But the bad news is franchise player Ricky Gregorio has injured his finger blocking a shot in practice and is listed as week to week. With no movement in his finger this will keep the star defensemen out of action for quite some time. This will be a test to Chain Gang to see if they can continue winning while their franchise player heals from this unfortunate injury.
Key injuries: Ricky Gregorio (finger)

This week - Rank #4
Last week - Rank #4
Flying Tigers (3-5-0)

Flying Tigers went 1-1 in week 4 and nearly beat SHJB. Week 4 displayed the talents of highly touted forward Thang Ly. Thang was a big reason for the Flying Tiger's success in week 4. Though he was only a sub, FT is is still strong without him. Flying Tigers is the only team in the league so far that has not made any trades. While GM Bernie Chu is happy with his team, he must be worried for the playoffs as the Tigers are just clinging onto 4th by a hairpin. With the Shockers and Cash Only both improving their teams for the coming weeks, it makes you wonder when Flying Tigers will make a splash in the trade market?
Key injuries: none

This week - Rank #5
Last week - Rank #5
Cash Only (2-5-1)

The always changing Cash Only remains at rank 5 this week even though they have lost both games in week 4. Much strong on paper than on the playing field in week 4, the always changing roster may be hurting Cash Only's chemistry with each other. There have been rumors that captain Ryan Ho is looking to return before season's end. This would boost Cash Only's team in a big way but the captain shouldn't rush for an early return if it could lead to long term damages. With a record of 0-4-1 in their last 5, do expect Cash Only to bounce back as their players continue to build some chemistry with one another.
Key injuries: Ryan Ho (Shoulder)

This week - Rank #6
Last week - Rank #6
Shockers (2-6-0)

Shockers remain on the bottom of the standings and at the bottom of the power rankings. They have lost both games in week 4 and have lost 3 straight. Finally Shockers GM has had enough and has decided to make the biggest move in league history to date. Shockers acquired talented forward Thang Ly in a sign and trade which should help Shockers climb the standings immediately. Shockers also acquired gritty forwards Ryan Tong and James Fong that are both winners and will bring leadership to this squad. Expect Shockers to start making a move to try sneak into that 4th spot to make playoffs!
Key injuries: none

This is John Lu reporting, TaSN, Edmonton.

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Re: ABHL Power Rankings - Week 4

Post  fae10 on Tue May 03, 2011 6:51 pm

John lu look at the other stats please. 0-2 both on btb and botH times with 5 players. Roosters faced a ricky-less team and SHJB faced a less than 100% fae. No excuses we'll be ready wk 6!!!!!!


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