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Scabbies Corner

Post  Scabbieonthestreet on Wed May 18, 2011 6:06 pm

Here we have scabbies corner.
Players thoughts opinion as candid as can be will be reported right here!

Remember contact scabbie here:

If you want remain anonymous let me know in the email and ur thoughts will be posted without ur identity. If you don't care and want something to be heard and from ur mouth that works too!


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Nick Yatco's Press Release

Post  Scabbieonthestreet on Wed May 18, 2011 9:04 pm

In order to combat John Lu's allegations Nick Yatco Chain Gang. Goalie called a press confernece yesterday and had the following to say:

"I just wanted to inform u that john lu is full of shit! I will admit it would be great to play with close friend in jayr but I'd rather he come to chain gang then either of us go to another club. My link is still strong with chain gang and always will be as I started my career there and call it home.

But at the same time I understand chain gang's situation with being so close to the cap and want nothing but the best for cg. If it makes your decision easier to let me go and change direction between the pipes, I'll understand. But just remember, scoring lotsa goals may get the chicks, but defense wins championships!

No hard feelings! Just business.

Nick Yatco"


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William Chan - Interview

Post  Scabbieonthestreet on Thu May 19, 2011 6:57 pm

The following was a personal interview conducted by me the peoples voice Scabbie. William Chan's words are in quotation marks following each of my questions.

So william rumors have it you are on the trade block right now.

How do u feel about this? 
"Rumors are what they are; ...merely rumors. I don't pay attention to much of that."

Also odd comparisons comparing your game with that of Andrew Szeto.
"I'm focused on my game and my game only."
The media has been unfairly criticizing yourself and I Scabbie am the player'S voice.
Let it be heard.
"The chances are there; I need to find my step. But that's the nature of the beast though: teams are scrutinized and put under the microscope when they're expected to win but aren't." 

Scabbie thanks Will for taking the time out of his busy schedule.

Remember if you've got a scab to pick I'm ur man!


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30 for 30 sitdown with Ryan Ho

Post  Scabbieonthestreet on Fri May 20, 2011 12:59 pm

Hello Ryan,

This is scabbie the peoples voice.
Hope you take the time to participate in this 30 for 30 interview with urself. Please respond with ur answer in quotation marks below

Being the leader of the cash only squad you suffered a terrible injury. I want the abhl to understand ur love for the game and what you've been through.
 "I love hockey and i love it even more when i'm playing with bros and friends.
 Its been tough watching from the side lines, sometimes i cant even watch because i miss it so much. Just being on there floor, being part of the action; just being able to lend a hand. But being a GM i'm not that far from the game and ease the pain just a little. The sucess of ABHL had really been good feeling to have."

So this isn't the first time this has happened is it? When was the first time it happened?
"First time i dislocated my shoulder, i was playing badminaton in H.S. I was just rec. play, with a couple of freinds, i'm not even good at badmination. when to smash the shuttlecock; must have rotate my shoulder in a werid way and it just pop out. ALWAYS thought back; if i didnt play badmination that day, i wouldnt have these shoulder issues. I have had 2 surgries on the shoulder; possible a third time coming soon."

While its bad luck your determination shines through when can we expect you back?
 "Sooner than you think?!?!?!?!
 I'm just lacking the confidence to play, because of my shoulder."

How hard is it to see ur team struggling while ur on the sidelines?
"Its very diffcult!!!"

What is with cash only right now? Talented team not winning? Why?
"On paper my team looks amazing. But i don't know why we cant put it all
together on the floor. Sometimes i think its my fault; we dont have the leadership out there or the voice!!! And everyone knows how loud i can be!!! We are a couple wins away from sneaking into the playoffs."

One last question can cash only make the playoffs? Or is it rebuild time?
 "Every team eyes the playoffs, Cash Only is no different. We gonna try our hardest to make the playoffs. We still got a really good team. Couples wins in week 6 & 7; we should be right in the thick of things. Cash Only gonna play hard till the funds run out."

Thanks for taking the time to allow the abhl to get to know u a little bit better.



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Garvin Chow abhl interview

Post  Scabbieonthestreet on Fri May 20, 2011 11:56 pm

Hey Scabbie,

Good to see that someone is representing the people.

My responses are below.

> Hello garvin,
> This is scabbie the people's voice. Hopefully you have the time to partake
> in this short interview. Please respond after each question!
> Being a relatively unknown to the league this will garner some more exposure
> on ur way to superstardom. How did you hear about this league? And have u
> played a lot of ball hky?

A: I work with the significant other of Dano Mah, my GM. She must
have mentioned to him that I play hockey. Dano contacted my agent and
the rest is history. I played one season of ball hockey in the
Edmonton Ball Hockey League about 6 or 7 years ago. But I've played
ice hockey since I was 4 years old.

> tallying 14goals in 8 games is very solid  yet some people dont even know
> who u are yet  does this bother u? what do u think about this? u seem like a
> quiet guy?
A: I'm fine with being under the radar. I know what I'm capable of
and my team knows what I'm capable of, that's all that matters.
Usually my goals and assists are more balanced, but my teammates have
been getting me the ball in the right places at the right time so hats
off to them. My production speaks for itself but getting the "W" is
what matters to me.
The ABHL runs a tight schedule and I'm a busy guy outside of it so it
can be tough to get to know people. I'm a fairly quiet guy, but
that's what you're here for Scabbie, the voice of the people!
> while the unknown surpise factor is nice  people should at least know ur
> name  Garvin Chow! heres ur chance to tell Rishaug how u feel
> shjb is arguably the most cohesive team in the abhl  the core is all family.
> do you feel like family? how is it playing for the red team?
A: You know, it's not surprising that Rishaug thought I was a Mah.
Dano runs an upstanding organization and has definitely made me feel
like family. I bleed red, I think that tells you how I feel about
playing for SHJB. Dano took a risk by drafting a relative unknown in
the 3rd round and allocating a significant portion of the team's cap
to me. I am grateful and indebted to him. I think that goes to show
how talented SHJB's scouts are...with me and Wilson M being drafted
where we were.
I have no ill will towards Rishaug, he's a busy guy with NHL playoffs
and previously the World Championships. Mistakes happen and he
apologized. I've long since moved on from the incident. I'm focused
on next weeks challenges...the Roosters and Chain Gang.
> riding the unknown factor who would u say ur game is most comparable to in
> the nhl?
A: I'd say Jonathan Toews with a bit of Claude Giroux. Excellent
two-way game with the ability to take over when the game is on the

I appreciate the interview Scabbie, but next time don't ask for my
phone number, don't ask for my address, and don't spit your gum on to
my crotch.
> well that was 5 minutes with Garvin Chow
> till next time - scabbie


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Re: Scabbies Corner

Post  Scabbieonthestreet on Thu May 26, 2011 1:27 pm

Sorry guys its not that scabbie isn't working. Few players have turned down interview opportunities and scabbie hasn't had a chance to report the peoples voice. Remember to check ur emails as anyone can be selected for interviews. It is ur discretiion whther u want to participate or not though.

Also u can email

Thanks again to will chan ryan ho and garvin chow for their participation!


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Gene Carandang Interview with Scabs

Post  Scabbieonthestreet on Fri May 27, 2011 7:52 pm

Hello Gene,
This is Scabbie the people’s voice. Im here to conduct an interview so the rest of the ABHL can get to know a bit more about you. Hopefully, you have the time to answer a few questions and develop a fan base. If you could answer below each question that would be great.
While playing for a small market team like the Tigers, there just isn’t much exposure how do you feel about this?
Any aspirations for playing for a highly publicized team like SHJB, CASH ONLY, ROOSTERS or CHAIN GANG?

"I feel that as the weeks go on the tigers are gaining more and more attention. We've developed a pretty loyal following. I'm happy just playing in the ABHL regardless of the publicity."

You selected by your good friend and now current GM Bernie Chu in the late second round. While some scouts had you going possibly late first early second.
Your production has been solid, but not quite at the superstar level many expect of yourself. What do you think attributes to this?
I know Tigers fans everywhere are hoping you find that groove and breakout soon.

"Ha ha... shit. I ain't gonna lie, I wish I was putting up bigger numbers but right now its just happening for me. I feel like I'm in good shape and playing the type of game i wanna play, so I guess I just gotta keep going at it and hopefully it'll turn around for me in the next little while."

The Tigers aren’t flying all that high right now, but they are clinging onto the fourth playoff spot. While changes come fast and furious in the ABHL, your GM is the
Only one to not make a move yet. Do you stand by your GM? Or would a move be welcomed? New look?

"Yeah absolutely... Bernie knows what he's doing. "

The no trading could also be attributed to the certain tightness the Tigers have. A lot of you are part of the Suspects team in the Edmonton Ball Hockey League. Also others are even family.
Does this relationship help on court? A type of chemistry other teams have to build?

"Yeah for sure, knowing these guys and playing with them for a long time definitely helps. "

Some have touted week 6 to be the biggest week of the ABHL yet. Your set to face Cash Only and the Shockers. Both these teams are chasing your team for that last playoff spot.
What will be your record in the games this weekend? 0-2? 1-1? Or a clean sweep at 2-0?

"We 're going into a huge week here, we need two big wins... Gotta stay focused and play our game. Hopefully we can get a little distance from the shockers and cash only in the standings."

Losing starting goalie John Vu has got to be tough. What are your thoughts?

"Shit .... what can I say?.... it sucks. he's a huge part of our team."

Last question for you my main man Gene. Do you think the Tigers have what it takes to win it all? Can you compete with the power house SHJB or the CG? Or even the newly revamped Roosters?

"Those are some really tough teams, but if we can stick to our game and play hard we should give them a run for their money."

 Thanks again for taking the time to complete this interview.

"No, thank you sir. Appreciate the time."

Once again its your man Scabbie signing off.


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Andrew Szeto sit down interview

Post  Scabbieonthestreet on Sat May 28, 2011 8:26 pm

Hello this is Scabbie and the following will be a brief interview to hear the players voice.
Hopefully you have a few minutes to complete  this interview.
So you are one of the only original Roosters left on the current roster. The format in the ABHL forces teams that win to make changes.
How do you feel about not being dealt? Shows your GM has a certain amount of loyalty and commitment to your talents?
"As a player I have no control over which team I get to play for. All I can do is play my game and trust that the GM will make the right decisions and put together a winning formula."
The Roosters have made wholesale changes and a lot of new faces are in the lineup. How do you feel about newly acquired teammates?
" I look forward to playing with my new teammmates. Everyone brings a different skillset to the Roosters."

Rumour has it that you and Winslow were close, was this deal tough for you to handle? 
"Its always hard to see a close teammate get dealt. I have a lot of respect for Dub but when we face the Chain Gang in week 6, he'll be just like any other opponent out there."  
With a big week ahead in the ABHL are you looking forward to the games? Big tilts vs the Chain Gang and SHJB will go along ways to proving what your Rooster team is made of.
What do you predict the Roosters will do this week? 2-0? 1-1? 0-2? 
"If we play a complete 2-way game and have some solid goaltending, I believe we can go 2-0."
I know I know these questions may seem like they are tough, but they are just in search of some honest answers and a chance for the other players to see what’s on everyone’s mind.
On a lighter note you’ve given the name Dru Szetoguchi to yourself… you play like Devin Setoguchi? Which NHL player do you like to replicate?

"The name came up one day in the Spartans dressing room, no significance with the way Devin plays. If I had to choose an NHL player to replicate I'd probably choose Byfuglien."

You are a mobile dman, quick, aggressive, with a great shot. Marc Andre Bergeron? hah aim just playing with you man.
Most do not know that you did start out as a goalie. At times you were a very good goalie as well. Any aspirations to pursue this position again?

" I have thought about possibly returning between the pipes, but I'm happy contributing on the scoresheet as well."

Maybe change your position eligibility down the road in the ABHL?

"When the time is right the opportunity will come."
Lastly, who do you feel has the best chances of winning the first ever ABHL championship?

"Other than the Roosters, I think Chain Gang has a strong offensive team, it'll be interesting to see if they can keep the same roster in the following weeks with all those big name players sharing the spotlight."
Thanks for taking a few moments out of your busy day to provide some entertainment for all.
This is Scabbie on the street.


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Kelly Pham sitdown inteRview

Post  Scabbieonthestreet on Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:39 am

Sorry just got back from Toronto guys doing a piece on Shaq’s retirement.
But heres another installment of Scabbies corner.
This weeks guest interview is Kelly Pham.
Kelly, below are a bunch of questions to pick your brain and here your voice.
Hopefully you have a few moments to complete the interview.
Yes but I only have a few moments as I have to get back soon to hating on Chain Gang Surprised
So, lets get the first question out of the way, how did being traded from your Chain Gang roots affect you?
We know you mentioned you bled chain gang blue, it must’ve been difficult at first to deal with. What are your thoughts?
When I first got word I was traded, it was like someone ripped through my chest, grabbed my heart, threw it on the ground, curb stomped on it and drove back and forth on it.  Its been hard to sit around anywhere with this thing in my back since.
I have been an original member of the CG team and thoroughly loved playing with each and everyone of my teammates every game.  Sure my point production wasn't anything special but I felt I was creating chances and taking away chances from opposing teams and meshed well with the CG style of play.  I was proud to don the blue jerseys each time on the court and was proud to be a part of the top team of the ABHL at the time. 
I thought I would get married, have kids, have my kids have kids, retire and then get buried all as a CG.  But that's all a distant memory now...

Its a business I can understand and we ABHL players are simply products with shelf life to be shipped and sold to the next highest bidder: the life of an ABHLer

But in all honesty, I'd like to thank Felix for drafting me and giving me a chance on his squad, and showing r.e.s.p.e.c.t.  by sending me to a strong contending team in the Roosters when I'm sure he had other options.  Good GM and he always made his teammates feel welcomed and a true part of the team with his morale building txts.
On an unrelated note, I am now in the process of getting my "Chain Gang 4 Life" tattoo removed

While it was tough obviously, it seems you’ve settled into your new home pretty quickly.
Was it easier being dealt to play along side long time friend Joseph Florendo? You also had long time teammate Ricky Gregorio join you.
The Roosters have welcomed me with open arms and I've been feeling the abundance of love there in the locker room.  Getting traded is not a good feeling, but getting to play with my home boy Jay-R, stand-up tennis teammate Pchan, and long time powerhouse CG teammate Ricky, pretty much erases all trace of pain. 
I'd like to give a shout out to my new teammates and apologize for the undisciplined play last games (going through counselling), hope that they can forgive me and I hope that I can show them a strong performance in our final stretch cup run.
So aside from the on field play, the ABHL has been very appreciative of your talents being applied offcourt. The filming seemed to be a welcomed surprise from all.
Did you always have the passion in making videos? Editing? Filming? When did this start?
I think I speak for all the fans that the videos help capture the moments and excitement of the ABHL. A big thanks to you.
 At first I was kind of worried some guys would feel uneasy or not want to be filmed while playing which I could have understood, thats why I only filmed a couple games the first week or 2.  But after receiving good feedback on the first Top 10, I felt it was something that I couldnt stop doing now and would only be good for the league, and I've had a blast making these clips.

Everything seems to have started in Junior High, because thats the first time I got a hold of my parents camcorder and started using it to make movies, mostly projects for school.  Me and Cash Only GM Ryan Ho actually made a commercial for a burger joint complete with bloopers for a class we had, and it was too awesome.
I'm a big tech freak so I love anything to do with cameras, computers, audio and video, and I love how a finished project looks after putting in the work and detail into all the little things.
Keep up the amazing hilight plays everyone, without them there wouldn't be any Hilights to put in a video!

KooDe productions? Assuming it’s a combination of yourself and your wife’s name? that’s cute…..
That alludes to the next question of how or why its Kool Kelly or Kool Fumble?
You are very smart Scabbie, but no, its not 'cute'... its gangsta!!
 I have been Kool Kelly since the golden days of Junior High. I dont remember if someone gave me that name or I just gave it to myself Shaq-style but it was just a nickname that went with Kelly good and I thought it well represented the temperature of my attitude. 
As for Koolfumble, it's my Xbox Live gamertag/Internet alias, and you can hit me up on the box if you would like to get taken to church in NHL 11 where I seem to get more points in, not sure why :/
I chose that name because while we all aren't perfect, we all make mistakes or 'fumbles', and its how we make them and take the good from them that helps us strive to become better people, in all aspects of life.  Make Fumbles, but make them Kool.
We’ve all seen some of the exploits of your garage hockey on youtube as well, seems like you’ve got some other potential ABHLers one day?
Heh, ya the KHL - Kool Hockey League, is The Premier Garage hockey league with over 5 whole members: Myself, my 2 little bros, little bro-in-law and fellow rooster JayR. 
I've been trying to negotiate with their agents but looks like their contracts are airtight and they seem to want to finish out their KHL contracts before joining the likes of ABHL at least for this season.
So while its been all nice talking about you and stuff, lets get back to the nitty gritty. The Roosters looked great in week 6, are they for real? Is this the squad you guys are ready to go to the end and win it all with? We’ve all seen what we are playing for, do the Roosters have what it takes to hoist the ABHL Championship?
Having played one week here already, Yes, I do believe we have the perfect recipe and balance of players that the ABHL Championship calls for.

What you see now is a Dynasty in the making ...
Alright I thoroughly enjoyed asking the questions, hopefully you had as much fun answering them.

Having this interview with you was in the top 10 hilight of my day Wink  Back to work on the vids!  Be Kool
The Peoples voice……Scabbie. OUT.


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Scabbie's Corner

Post  Scabbieonthestreet on Sat Jun 11, 2011 11:05 am

Sorry all you scab fans. Its not that I havent been working, but a good interview seems hard to come by again.
Conducted a few interviews over the last few weeks and waiting on some responses.
Keep posted, because I have faith they'll get done.
The players can initiate scabbie articles as well with a simple email.


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Winslow Tang Up Close and Personal Interview

Post  Scabbieonthestreet on Tue Jun 14, 2011 10:40 pm

Hello Winslow, this is Scabbie on the street looking to voice the opinions of the people.
You’ve been selected for this particular interview and I hope you have some time to reply.

"It's an privilege to be able to do this interview, and also an honor to even be able to partake in a league like the ABHL."

While you are one of the top point getters this season in the ABHL, there’s been a noticeable drop off since the move to the Chain Gang.
What’s been going on? Word has it that you are playing through some sort of injury. Any truth to this?

"Injuries are a part of the game, and I don't think that has had anything to do with what is going on right now. I think the team is going through a transition right now in the chemistry, Ricky was a great player for this team and it's some really big shoes to fill. I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to succeed and playing through injuries is just normal to me."

Clearly you are a fiery competitor as displayed by your efforts throughout the season. Losing can’t be feeling good. An awful 0-4 in weeks 6 and 7. What are your thoughts? As a fan of the ABHL I don’t understand it either, as you’ve got a serious big three and good depth. Is something not clicking with you Gary Wong and Felix Wong?

"It's never fun to losing, period. The team is going through a major transition and hopefully we can turn things around before the playoffs next month. I will say that, from observing the games and how each team is constructed, the ABHL is the ultimate team game and in the end, the best team will win the championship. With the three of us, I think because we know each others games and what each other is capable of, we become more passive when in fact we need to be more aggressive, need the killer instinct. I find that when we are playing together that maybe we are looking to set each other up instead of the smarter play and putting the shot on net. In the end, the team will be fine because we are all competitors and have the common goal of winning the championship."

Looking back I know as a player you have no say if you get dealt, but would you honestly have liked to stay a Rooster for the season?
Could the argument in week 5 have had anything to do with the deal? New location new scenery good for all teams?

"No hard feelings about being traded, and to be honest I could see it coming as the season progressed with the Roosters. Salaries are an important part of this league in order to create a fair and fun league, so of course no one wants to get traded and you want to win a championship where you were drafted, but it is what it is.

The arguments between P Chan and I are like two people talking, it's that normal. We are both passionate about winning, but right now focused on righting the ship with the Chain gang and hoping to win a championship with them."

I just reviewed my questions and it seems this has been quite the interview. Didn’t mean to put you on the hot stove, but more of an out for the players to hear what one of the stars of the ABHL has to say. We noticed your brother Richard is having a solid season and is quickly becoming one the fan favorites of the ABHL. Would you like to one day play with him? Pull some Niedermayer magic possibly?

"Richard is playing some good hockey right now and seems to be getting in the right spots. I have been monitoring his progress throughout the season and it has been pretty good. Right now we play on different teams, so I hope he plays well for his team right now, but if we end up playing Cash Only in the playoffs, then all bets are off. Anything is possible in this league so I wouldn't rule that out completely."

Also as a leader with strong knowledge of the GM world and what it takes, do you have any aspirations? Or a interest even to becoming a GM down the road?
If you did what do you think you’d name your team?

"I think if the opportunity came up, I would consider it. If the ABHL decides to expand in the future, I would love to run a team and build a championship quality team. As for a team name, maybe something like "Convicts" or "Top Shelf". "

Ok here it is the million dollar question. Can the Chain Gang right the ship in time? There is one more week left before the playoffs. The first round match up as is pairs off
Your old mates the roosters vs the chain gang blue. How do you guys fair verse this team?

"Roosters are a well built team, but any team can be beaten on any day in the ABHL. Chain gang will be ready to go when the time matters,
so don't sleep on this team or it will be too late."

Once again I appreciate the time for conducting the interview.
Hopefully you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have, what an awesome interview that I know the fans will enjoy this one.

Scabbie on the street -out


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Hon Yee GM of the Shockers Interview

Post  Scabbieonthestreet on Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:00 pm

What is going on Hon Yee GM of the Shockers?

"Sup Homeboy."

This is Scabbie on the street looking to get some words from you a GM of the ABHL.
Hopefully you got a few minutes to spare in your busy life.

Its a topic thats inevitable, but based on your standings being last place in the ABHL has it been a tough season?
Many can't understand this either as the Shockers arguably have the best line in the league. What are your thoughts on this subject?

"It was a rough start and we could score a lot of goals but we couldn't ever stop the goals from going in. It was our weakness. I am a stubborn GM, one that is blinded at times by an unconditional belief in his team. I always believed in this team. I gave us 4 weeks to try and rectify our weaknesses in the back end but as we now know, I blew up the team after more losses. The original Shockers crew was flawed and there is no one to blame for it. It just didn't work. I made some pretty big trades and the Shockers are a much better team now, and the future is brighter as well with a few jumps in draft position.I am the most befuddled by our lack of success. We DO have the best line in the league. Offensively. Our issue is still that collectively as a team, our defense is weak, but that has changed as of late. We restructured how we play and have come up with not only lower scoring games, but a few wins as well. It has definitely been tough, but we are progressing well."

Mathematically the Shockers are running out of time and need to be near perfect in the weeks to come to crack the playoffs. Can this happen?
And what is the direction of the team in yellow? A bonafied keeper in Ken Dang, but two very valuable players in Thang Ly and Ryan Tong. Surely they can be great rental players for some team going for it all. Im sure the Shockers fans would like to know where their team is headed.

"We won one and tied one in week 7. In week 8 we need to win both, Tigers need to maul Cash Only, and SHJB needs to take out the Tigers. It is a miracle situation and I feel like this group can win 2 straight but the issue lies in the win/loss scenarios that involves the three other teams. Sadly, while I honestly feel the current Shockers are cup contenders, we are plagued by the slow start of our season and are looking in from 6th. What we need is time but that is a luxury we don't have and I take responsibility for that because I held off on trading for so long. Will I ship or make a push for the ship?"

So the life of a it tough? I don't even know what you guys do, but im guessing theres a lot of behind the scenes work involved. Your always on your blackberry getting messages non stop im guessing? What part of being a general manager do you enjoy the most? And do you want to keep doing it for the ABHL?

" I love being a GM. The six of us chat all day long on Whatsapp(on my iphone). We discuss scenarios, problems, and come together to make all the decisions on rules and guidelines. We discuss things such as how Free agency works, how many keepers there will be, playoff style, trade cutoff dates, the high sticking issue, and numerous other little caveats. We try to close any and all loopholes of the ABHL. It has been a great thing. We also get together from time to time to discuss the ABHL as well. It definitely takes up a lot of time and I don't think many can take on the task, but it is a very rewarding if you can keep up with it. The GMs have a good bond due to the ABHL. I will continue to be the GM of the Shockers until I am no longer fit for the job at which point it would be great to be a player and I think I would probably get shipped around a lot. I actually think it would be a cool experience, one I envy. Playing a different team and bonding with a new crew should be embraced."

Also I understand your passion for hockey is great, and your number one love is ice hockey. How do the two games compare? Some find the transition between either very difficult.

"It has been a rough and frustrating year for me. I play a lot of ice hockey and yes the games are very different. First off, I play the center position. The center plays up the middle and comes back to play defense. In the ABHL, there is no such thing as a center because we mainly play 3 on 3 hockey. You have a defenseman and two wingers, there is no place for a center and I have been letting my team down all year due to my center tendencies. I have mostly played forward this season, and I have a tendency to drop down too low and play too much defense. This puts my team in jeopardy on the trailer coming in who I am supposed to be covering. In 5 on 5 hockey, there are wingers who check the point players. In 3 on 3, the defense/offence structure is very different and it has taken me some time to adjust and not play defense but it has been tough. Ball hockey is not for danglers. It is actually very similar to soccer in that it should be all be tic tac toe, pass pass pass. There just simply is no room to dangle, and the floor is not as forgiving as the ice. On the ice, you can glide and blow by defenseman. On the floor it's pretty much impossible to accelerate past a defenseman. My main strength on the ice is my speed. On the floor, I can say I have no strengths aha and way too many weaknesses. I am slowly adjusting. On ice, I had 8 points in 3 games and led my team in points for a good while. On the floor, I think I still only have 8 or 9 points after 14 games. It's embarrassing and very difficult for me but I will grow and get better and help my team in any way I can even if it doesn't involve points. I have been pretty hard on myself this season, and I have to thank my team and the other GMs actually for keepin me in check. This is my first year playing floor hockey and I only joined for the comradery of my bros in this leagues. Still, I need to get better so I can help out my team."

Many can see on the sidelines your passion and fire to compete. While its been an underwhelming statistical season for yourself, you bring a leadership to your squad.
Are you generally an outspoken individual? Would you like to lead more by example?

" I am always outspoken, sometimes too much. It has been a tough year even on a leadership level. On the ice, I can help team mates with things we need to do and I am always encouraging and yelling on the bench. I can also lead by example. The Shockers as of late are very good at being vocal. We are a good team. Ryan Tong is an exceptional leader as many of you know. He helps out a lot in guiding our team on certain playing styles and things we need to do to win, something I am lacking on the floor. He has been a great addition. While Dan Sune has only play 1 out of the 3 weeks we've had him, he is an extremely vocal goalie and I love that about his style. He is also very competitive and positive. Ken and Thang obviously lead by example, putting up massive numbers and are also very vocal. I definitely am a lead by example kind of guy and that has obviously been difficult this year but I remain vocal at all times and try to encourage our team as much as possible. I am very competitive and while the points don't show it, we have a great team right now. I don't think I could as for a better team. Great group of guys."

So aside from the ABHL and life as a GM, Im sure you have other interests. A little bird told me that you like to MC from time to time?
I as the peoples voice am here to give you a chance to showcase your talents.
Ill drop a beat for you.........

"I'm tight on time, so I will just bust out my last rhyme from yesterday and maybe twist it for you...

Aight aight let's straighten things out
Rap Tuesday's a rap snooze day. So quiet. No doubt
I've been busy at work and busy being a GM
Shockas still alive 3 points last week did you see them?
Nah yah didn't. They were too fast. Lightnin'
If they make the playoffs, look out son. Frightenin'
Sadly it's probably too little too late
Hate that our playoffs are at the stake.
In the hands of fate
What will I do Scabbie, is it time to sell?
Shockers 2 point oh are a sick team and we are starting to gel
Ask any other team and they are lying if they say they aint scurred
No way they would want to face us in the playoffs after the blow up occurred
I don't like throwing in the towel, I hate that all we need is time
Hope you enjoyed this view into my world, hope you enjoyed this rhyme
If you are a true gentlemen you will return a rap
Come on Scabbie, if you want to be a true insider, this will put you on the map
And that's an open invitation to all of you guys, let's hear about your team
But be careful what you say, it could explode on you, you should probably keep it clean
But mean
With steam"

Sorry Man I aint much of a rapper, but that was dope. Thanks for that showcase of talent.
Appreciate the time always. I know the fans have appreciated the interview as well.
Scabbie OUT.....


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Joseph Florendo Scabbie on the Street Interview

Post  Scabbieonthestreet on Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:26 am

How is it going, this is Scabbie on the street and you’ve been selected for a Scabbie personal interview.
Hope you have the time to take a few minutes and let the people get to know Joseph Florendo just a little bit better.

So its obvious that it’s an intense time approaching. With the playoffs nearing how do you focus for these big games at hand?

First of all, I just want to say that I am truly honored to be selected for a Scabbie personal interview. As for these upcoming playoff games: since the start of the season, I have treated every game like a BIG game. So my focus will be just as strong if not stronger to play with energy and have a lot of fun!

There seems to be a rivalry that has developed amongst the Chain Gang and the Roosters? What do you attribute this to?

Yes, I think its more of a friendly rivalry. I think "we" as Roosters like to compare ourselves to the more successful teams throughout the season, like CG & SHJB. Roosters seem to show up with fire in their belly's when we play those opponents, hence our 5-1-1 record against those 2 teams. We all strive to get better, and theres no better test than facing top tier players.

Also, with the structure of ABHL, Roosters and CG have been able to make numerous trades between each other, which ignites the rivalry to another level. Every player who gets traded always wants to show there former team up.

You’ve been an social media star with numerous jokes with your good friend Nick Yatco….is there any truth to the jabs? I for one love reading the banter between both sides.
It makes for great entertainment and even more hype when you two hit the floor.

Haha, me and Nick are tight, thats why no matter what we say or do, we know its all in good fun. If anything, the bantering has made us closer friends. On the FLIP side, I think there is some truth to what we say to eachother every now and then. It's a good thing though, because it keeps us motivated and yearning to get back on the floor. 2 weeks is a long time between action, and our daily jabs entertain us and gets us through to our next games.

Numbers don't lie, I think he is the best netminder this regular season and I can't wait to make him the worst in the playoffs, haha

While you guys are 3-0 vs the CG this season, is it a guaranteed victory when you guys square off this Saturday?
Or do you have a common unspoken respect that both teams will battle hard and leave it all on the floor?

Before I answer this question, I just received a bbm banter rap from Slick Nick, heres a snippet of his magic:

An asian team called the "black cocks"?
Yo, I think that's a little racist.
I think they need Viagra though,
they're "limp" like when I slow-play Aces!

It is only but a fraction of what ABHL Nation gets to actually hear and witness between me and Slick Nick.

The only thing guaranteed this Saturday is that both teams will be ready for battle. We feel like we match up very well against the mighty Chain Gang, and that we can adjust to any curve balls that they may throw at us.

What do you think your team needs to do to ensure you guys stay undefeated vs the Chain Gang?

Well, I think its obvious that they all can shoot and see the floor very well. We need to make sure that we stay in-front of our man and give them very little time when they have possession. I think both teams will get their chances, but in the end, it will be decided by the Men in Masks.

Insider reports note that Paolo Jimenez will be missing in action during the biggest games in Rooster franchise history. How do you feel about this?
While all ABHLers are committed to the league, it is tough to be there each and every game.

Yes, Paolo will be MIA during the playoffs. Roosters throughout the season have dealt with this situation many times before. Missing a player here and there has actually given other players opportunities to shine with more floor time. And because of that, we have all gelled closer as a unit. Our GM, Pchan and Team Captain, Stanley Chan have given all of us the green light to learn, grow and create on the floor.

I know most players don’t enjoy this, but for entertainment sake, which team do you see winning in the other playoff bracket? And who would you want to face?

Both teams are worthy to play in the finals for the Cup. As much as I would like to see Cash Only advance, I truly believe SHJB are a more balanced team.

When I’m not interviewing all the ABHLers I like to golf, fish and lawn bowl. I see you have some other hobbies you enjoy as well? Tell us about this. The player snap shots are a nice adder to the league and looks like some guys are getting player profile pics. Maybe you should develop them into tradeable hockey cards.
I know I’d die for a 2011 Keith Mah SHJB rookie card haha.

I too also like to lawn bowl. Well, I just bought the camera and have about 5 books to read and learn how to use it. Experience in the end is the best way to learn, so I thought I would take it out in the field. Alot of the pictures were blurry and out of focus, but I did manage to take a few gems. Hopefully as I get better, so will the snapshots. I know pictures can be a little intrusive, so if you are uncomfortable, just let me know.

Kelly Pham's Koode Productions is great for the league, I think Snapshots give a different perspective, a more intimate look of the amount of blood, sweat and tears that are poured out on the floor each in every game.

So being drafted in a rather late round you’ve surprised a lot of people with an astounding regular season notching 26 points in 14 games. That was good for 7th on the leaderboard.
Do you draw on the fact that a lot of GM’s passed up on you for motivation? Or maybe the GM’s just never did their homework and scouted properly?

I think the GM's did as much homework as they could on me. I am surprised myself at my numbers. Going into this season, my only goal was to be responsible and not get embarrassed too often. I give props to my GM for surrounding me with such talents(Dru, Stan, Ricky) and early with the likes of Dub and Ian. Nerves are practically washed away when you have those guys playing alongside you.

You’ve definetly found a home with the Roosters. Best friends Pchan and Kelly must make it easy for you to show up every week and lineup with them. You think season 2 abhl will be different if you’ve got all new teammates and surroundings?

Playing alongside P and Kool has definitely made things easier, communication between us is open and we feed off each others energy. I think playing with new teammates and surroundings is a great challenge that I look forward to facing in the near future. But for now, we have our eyes on one prize, ABHL Supremacy!

Well lost track of time there as I enjoyed conducting this interview.
Gotta get ready to meet up with John Lu and Ryan Rishaug for some other playoff articles.
Thanks for taking the time do this.

The pleasure was all mine Scabbie, Thank You

Scabbie on the Street - OUT


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Nick Yatco Brief Interview

Post  Scabbieonthestreet on Wed Jan 18, 2012 11:53 am

So after attempting to make a comeback and start up scabbies corner we unfortunately came up short.

Nick yatco was all over the media season 1 playing in the big media market of the chain gang, he has since been laying low.

Nick had this to say "You're still alive? You haven't been around all season 2 so figured you died...or switched networks...oh wait that was someone else...

Speaking of dead, that's been my play this season...I've been "lost in the woods" and more focused on other things this season...things like the "universe"! so no interviews at the moment! Sorry'll have to talk to my agent..."

So after interpreting what he had to say we can tell this goalie is an eccentric character that has some soul searching to do if cash only wants to make the playoffs.

Hopefully he will sip on that warm cup of tea and return to the goalie the league knows he can be.

Scabbieonthestreet - OUT


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Curtis Mah Scabbie Interview

Post  Scabbieonthestreet on Tue Jan 24, 2012 5:06 pm

Wow after a long hiatus TaSN has got me back to work.
You know the last year has been a big year for me, but its time to bring it back to the roots, where it all started.
After a failed interview with oddball Nick Yatco. Here’s the return of Scabbies Corner.
Hi Curtis, I hope you have the time to conduct this sit down interview with me Scabbie, the People’s Voice. It shouldn’t take a lot of your time, but being a star and this years first overall pick I’m sure the fans and players would love to hear from you.
If you could just reply under each question that’d be great. You seem like a quiet guy, but I’m sure you got lots to say.
Where to start….tell us a bit about yourself. Lets say three things the common ABHL fan wouldn’t know about yourself. Please note we do cater to an all ages audience.

I have a son named Carter Evan Mah who is now 7.5 months old and will hopefully be a future star of the NHL and ABHL.
I am a Chartered Accountant. Got my CA back in 2006.
I wear the #18 on my jersey. It symbolizes a bunch of things. 18 is the day of my wife and I's anniversary (both when we started dating and our wedding date). I also like 18 because of the 1 - meaning Ace and 8 in Chinese as being good luck.
So as mentioned earlier you were season 2’s first overall pick. I’m sure it was an honor to be selected that high above so many talented players.  How did this make you feel hearing the Shockers selecting you with their first overall pick? Are there many unknown pressures being picked that high?

 It was a huge honour going first overall. There are a lot of good guys in the ABHL league and being recognized as a top end talent is pretty special. Going to the Shockers had been a lot of fun. They are an easy going group and I think the whole team gets along great. Hon's managing put the Shockers in a good situation this season having the #1 pick and keeping both Ken Dang and Thang Ly. When drafted by the Shockers, I knew I was going to a team with a veteran core already established and also something we could build on.

Last year you made an impact with an astounding 22 points in 10 games. This includes a 6goal outburst vs the Roosters I believe. So needless to say you burst on to the scene with a bang. Cash Only was your original team, Ryan Ho saw the talent and made the move to acquire your skillset. Do you miss the green machine they call Cash Only?
What about your former GM Ryan HO? Or are you happy donning the Yellow Shocker Colors?

 I have always been fond of Ho. Even before I joined the ABHL, we have hung out before because he is good friends with my sister, Carmen. Ryan is so passionate about his team and I am sure you all know he wears his heart on his shoulder. Having Bee come over in a trade early in the season also helps with that familairity aspect of playing together. Right now there is so much potential with the Shockers team that I cannot see myself playing anywhere else right now. 

So the Shockers quickly rebuilt after a last place finish season 1. Coming into season 2 after the draft they looked to be the team to beat. On paper currently they still look like quite the force. What is it though that has prevented the Shockers from really building any momentum or making any noise?

The main reason the Shockers have not been blowing people out of the water is consistency. The first half of the season has been tpugh stringing games together where we have a full roster showing up. Injuries, personal and work committments have kept different guys out each week and we have been forced to bring in a bunch of new subs who we are not familiar with.

Do you believe you guys are the team to beat? Or do you even have what it takes to win the highly coveted ABHL Championship? And who do you feel will provide the stiffest test SHJB? CG? Or the rest?

It is tough to say. Of course I am looking at the standings and us chasing down SHJB and CG. Anyone can still win the ABHL Championship. I feel we are right in the mix and should provide some good competition for that title. Shockers will not bow out without a fight!

Did you manage to get a Curtis Mah player card by the way? I’ve heard they are quite rare and if you can find a signed one it might score you a couple of bucks and a chocolate bar.

I’m still trying to complete my set. If there was one player card you could have signed right now who would it  be?
Yep I traded and got my card. Haven't signed it though. In fact, I have only signed 1 of my cards so it is super rare.
I don't think there is any one particular signed card I am looking for. Just mainly my friends and teammates I guess.

I hear from my sources that you are very involved and discuss many franchise matters with your GM Hon Yee. Do you think this could possibly open up a great position for yourself within the ABHL?
Possibly a co chair to a players board? Or maybe even one day a GM yourself?

Hon and I yap a lot about team strategy and such. In terms of being a GM I don't think I can committ the effort and time that the rest of these guys put in with my busy schedule. I have shown interest in getting on the players board but that is still is its infancy and planning stages from what I know.

Alright well I know your busy getting ready for Shockers practice and dinner at Garden Bakery, so Ill conclude our little sit down now.
Appreciate the time and I am sure the fans will as well.
Scabbie on the Street - OUT


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Re: Scabbies Corner

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