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Post  R.Rishaug on Tue Jun 21, 2011 4:26 pm

Well I’ve been on hiatus for some time here. But another milestone in the ABHL is coming up.
For the fans it’s the ever exciting trade deadline. For the players it’s the ever dreaded trade deadline.
Once it passes though it’s a sign that your locked in to your team and you know your direction for the rest of the year.
Once the wheeling and dealing stops, the GM’s can focus on the goal at hand.
ABHL current standings are as follows:
1)      SHJB 21pts
2)      Roosters 17pts
3)      Chain Gang 16pts
4)      Cash Only 12pts
5)      Flying Tigers 9pts
6)      Shockers 9pts
The Tigers currently need a strong 2-0 record in week 8 and also need some help from the boys in red to beat Cash Only.
The Shockers unfortunately are in need of a strong week and a lot of help. They need CO to go 0-2, and the Tigers to split their set of games, all while going 2-0.
This makes me believe they are going to be sellers come the trade deadline.
Lets break down players who draw a lot of interest, and would fetch a lot of takers come trade deadline time.
Thang Ly :
Assets: skilled playmaker with good vision brings instant offense.
Best Fit: Chain Gang. A lot of good shooters on this team a “set up man” would benefit this team greatly. Struggling offense could use a shot of Thang.
                Flying Tigers. Leading scorer Bernie Chu could use that wingman for one last drive into the playoffs.
Gene Carandang:
Assets: hard nosed player with skilled hands. Struggling scoring but would help any team making the playoff drive.
Best Fit: Cash Only. Grit would help the CO squad and his playmaking desires could be fulfilled with sniper Curtis Mah.
Danh Le:
Assets: a heads up gritty d man with a good shot.
Best Fit: Chain Gang. With no true defense on the roster, the chain gang could use a real d man.
Kevin Tai:
Assets: arguably one of the fastest in the league, has a knack for goals around the net.
Best Fit: Flying Tigers. The Tigers team needs a guy who does the intangibles and brings the speed and some finish around the net.
                Roosters. Former Rooster would fit right in with his speed and goal scoring ability.
Andrew Szeto:
Assets: great shot, with strong gritty work ethic. A top dman in the league.
Best Fit: Cash Only/Chain Gang/Flying Tigers. Defense needed on either team. The great point shot would be an asset to any group for sure.
Bryan Lee:
Assets: rock solid defenseman, with a heavy shot. What goalie wouldn’t want this in front of them.
Best Fit: Roosters. D pairing of Ricky Gregorio and Bryan Lee united would be scary for all opposition.
                Flying Tigers. Once again don’t have that rock on defense.
Ryan Tong:
Assets: an intense and fierce leader, who can score or be a playmaker. Difference maker on field.
Best Fit: Cash Only. A skilled team but their forwards lack the grit that Ryan could bring.
                Flying Tigers. Set up man that would solidify a tough forward corps to play against with Kevin Chan.
                Chain Gang. Familiarity with old teammates and would join an intense squad already.
Nick Yatco:
Assets: a big body goalie with great coverage of the net. Rough last few weeks, but has shown he can dominate.
Best Fit: Any team willing to take a chance on a very sound goalie. Definitely can’t hurt you between the pipes.
Victor Trac:
Assets: a big and surprisingly strong body. Creates havoc in front of the net. Brings the third dimension to most teams.
Best Fit: Cash Only. Would surely welcome back the fan favorite and would be a nice presence with snipers all around.
                Roosters. He surely fits the Roosters system and with bombs from the points, he surely be a great pain for opposing goalies.
Well that’s my run down of some of the most hotly discussed players in the ABHL come this trade deadline. We’ll have to stay tuned for tomorrows deadline
To truly find out which of these if any are on the move and will be relocated right before the final stretch drive.
This is R.Rishaug signing off for TaSN Edmonton.


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