Rishaug's Trade Deadline Report Cards

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Rishaug's Trade Deadline Report Cards

Post  R.Rishaug on Thu Jun 23, 2011 12:52 pm

With the deadline frenzy passing yesterday, so comes another report card.
This edition of Rishaugs Report Cards will be based on each teams moves on deadline day and some of the moves close to the deadline.
Cash Only
IN: Clarence Chai, Wilson Man, Wilson Le CG 6th Round Pick
OUT: Richard Tang, William Chan, Richard Lee, CO 5th Round Pick
Analysis: So 3 players in 3 players out and a swapping of picks. New look while keeping the core in tact. Arguably an upgrade with the three new players and a depth that matches their potential first round matchup vs the SHJB. In Clarence you get a sniper who is responsible at both ends, much of the same with Wilson Le. The X-Factor in Cash Only’s deals is Wilson Man. While he has scored at a torrid pace, he failed to show in week 7 for his new team. Much has been discussed about his off court antics, but it cant be denied when hes in the line up and ready to play he can change the game. Also to note the GM had cap issues and cleared himself of all debt.
GM deadline Grade: B+
Flying Tigers
IN: Ken Dang, Shockers 2nd Round Pick
OUT: Cam Chan, Kevin Chan, Tigers 1st Round Pick
Analysis: Anytime you can land the league’s leading scorer it can’t be bad….can it? While I commend the move, is this a classic case of too little too late? The Tigers have their work cut for them as they have to win both games to even have a chance. This move prior to week 7’s games would’ve commanded a A+ grade. If they don’t complete the miracle playoff birth, it will be a drastic blow to the teams future. With no first round pick, and with Shockers owning the rights to FA Ken Dang, the Tigers could be in for a long season. Risk vs reward. The guts to make such a move definitely says a lot about the GM and his faith in his mates.
GM deadline Grade: B-
IN: Kevin Tai, Chain Gang 5th Round Pick
OUT: David Luong, Roosters 4th Round Pick
Analysis: While this GM made all his big moves during the season, this is a Trade deadline report card. He felt his team was solid the way it was. All GM’s were knocking on the barn door of the Roosters but to no avail. While I respect this GM for standing pat and believing he has the squad to win it all, every team in competition arguably got better. Hindsight will always be 20-20, but if he doesn’t win it all some will ask could he have made a larger impact move? Kevin Tai seemed to be a Rooster at heart and should flourish again with his original squad. We’ll stay tuned to see how he does and the impact he makes over the coming weeks.
GM deadline Grade: D+
Slammer Hammer Jammer Bammers
IN: Will Chan, Richard Lee
OUT: Wilson Le, Wilson Man
Analysis: This GM made his move before vacationing during the final weeks of ABHL. His team stayed the exact same through the frantic deadline day. The deal to move now disgruntled Wilson Man and Wilson Le was a cap space forced move. He acquired two way Will Chan and underrated Richard Lee. Will seemed lost in his first week and failed to hit the scoreboard. The question will arise if theres enough time for him to gel with this very tight knit SHJB crew.  Same situation here as the Roosters his team did not change while all others got much better. Although its hard to fault a GM for keeping a first place team together, the little moves not made could be all the difference.
GM deadline Grade: C
Chain Gang
IN: David Luong, Ryan Tong, Shockers 2nd Round Pick, Roosters 4th Round Pick, Cash Only’s 5th Round Pick, Shocker’s 5th Round Pick
OUT: Kevin Tai, Clarence Chai, Chain Gang 1st Round Pick, Chain Gang 3rd Round Pick, Chain Gang 5th Round Pick, Chain Gang 6th Round Pick.
Analysis: Arguably the most willing to pull the trigger of all GM’s, this GM showed just that come deadline day.  A flurry of moves and draft picks occurred during this busy time. In a straight comparison of pre deadline roster and post deadline roster, this team has improved. The loss of the First round pick will hurt, but the CG managed to move up in all his late round picks and maintain a solid depth. Ryan Tong was one of the most sought after players for everyone’s playoff push. This acquisition gives this team the most top end talent in the league. Whether these players can coexist is an entirely different story. They could be ousted in the first round by arch enemies the Roosters, or they could go all the way, only time will tell. I would not want to face this squad come playoff time though.
GM deadline Grade: A-
IN: Kevin Chan, Richard Tang, Cam Chan, Chain Gang 1st Round Pick, Flying Tigers 1st Round Pick, Chain Gang 3rd Round Pick.
OUT: Ryan Tong, Ken Dang, Shockers 2nd Round Pick, Roosters 2nd Round Pick, Shockers 5th Round Pick.
Analysis: Being the only Gm in Seller mode, Hon Yee had options with no limits. Probably the most stressful week of his life this GM made the most of the other desperate GM’s. While it must be difficult to concede a season, he thought about the future. Corralling two 1sts and a 3rd is un heard of. It won’t be long before the Black Yellow will be atop the ABHL.  The artwork and masterful planning cannot even be described in this GM’s work. From keeping Thang Ly at a steal of a price, to auctioning off to the highest bidder the services of his beloved players. The true winner during deadline day was the Shockers team. While they have nearly packed it in, Kevin Chan and Richard Tang are two of the hardest working players around. They won’t be a rollover team to play against.
GM deadline Grade: A+
Another edition of Rishaug’s Report Cards wrapped up.
Rishaug signing off for TaSN -Edmonton


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