ABHL Power Rankings - Week 8

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ABHL Power Rankings - Week 8

Post  johnlu on Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:27 am

This week - Rank #1
Last week - Rank #1
Slammer Hammer Jammer Bammers (11-2-3)

SHJB finishes the season rank 1 by achieving the most points in the league with 25 which is the result of a record of 11-2-3. Rank 1 in most goals for with 92 averaging 5.75 goals per game. Rank 1 in least goals against with 60 averaging 3.75 per game. Undefeated in their last 13 games going 10-0-3. SHJB is the number one power ranked team this season and their stats don't lie.

This week - Rank #2
Last week - Rank #2
Roosters (9-4-3)

Ranked 2 and also second best team in the league is the Roosters. Undefeated in their last 7 games going 4-0-3. Drastic changes have been made to this team through free agency and the trade market and that has made the Roosters better and better. This team holds a record of 6-0-1 vs. the other top 2 teams. (SHJB and CG). A very strong force prepared to make some noise in the playoffs.

This week - Rank #3
Last week - Rank #3
Cash Only (6-8-2)

Finished the season strong going 4-1-1 in their last 6 games. Getting their captain back from a possible season ending injury and making some key trades near the end of the season have pushed Cash Only over the top and helped them secure the last spot in the playoffs. Going into the playoffs with a losing record, this team shouldn't be taken lightly as Cash Only is a lot better than their record shows.

This week - Rank #4
Last week - Rank #5
Chain Gang (9-7-0)

Had a bad finish to the season going 1-5-0 in their last 6 games. This is the coldest team heading into the playoffs. On paper their roster is as good as any team in the league. But when it comes to execution, the Chain Gang has been struggling. They are 0-6-0 vs. the top 2 teams in the league (SHJB & Roosters). But with a big addition at the trade deadline, Chain Gang will be looking to turn heads and get back to their winning ways in the post season.

This week - Rank #5
Last week - Rank #6
Flying Tigers (4-11-1)

The least altered team in the season. Only at the trade deadline was when the GM pulled the trigger to made his first trade. Tigers have struggled to find a way to win this season and have found it hard to close out games. Out of the 11 loses this season, 8 of those losses were by a single goal. The Tigers held the 4th spot for a long time until Cash Only caught fire and surpassed them to knock them out of the playoff running. GM of the Tigers may want to figure out what went wrong this season to improve in the next.

This week - Rank #6
Last week - Rank #4
Shockers (3-10-3)

As the end of the season got closer and closer, the chances of Shockers making the playoffs were looking more and more unattainable. GM of the Shockers realized this and has traded his assets for future draft picks at the trade deadline and go into full rebuild mode for season 2. Out of 16 regular season games, Shockers were only able to win 3 of them. Shockers ranked last in all categories including wins, points, goals for, and goals against. For this team season 1 is a write off, but they intend to turn things around in season 2 as they are well positioned in the draft to do just that.

Thanks to everyone that has been reading the power ranking articles this season. We'll see you in season 2!

This is John Lu reporting, TaSN, Edmonton.

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