G-no Reda's Playoff Prediction

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G-no Reda's Playoff Prediction

Post  G-no Reda on Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:10 pm

Flying Tigers vs. Shockers

In this battle for the first round draft pick both teams seemed to have been saving their energy for this game. GM Hon Yee knowingly booked time off during crucial playoff battle to vacation in the West Coast while GM Bernie has been waiting all season to show what the Flying Tigers offensive prowl. After speaking with Scabbie, word on the street is that Bernie and the Tigers will celebrate their victory with "Eye of the Tiger", while Hon and the Shockers are content with having three draft picks in the first round.

PS3 simulation - Flying Tigers win an easy battle 8-3
MVP - First round draft pick Robin with 4 g's and 2 a's

Chain Gang vs. Roosters

This has been the game that everyone has been anticipating for the past few weeks. In the battle of Intensity vs. Unsung Heroes, there is a lot on the line for both teams here. GM Fae has been crafty all year and making very strategic moves to better his team. Although questioned by many about the trades, he stands firm that his team is in fact better on paper then his roster at the start of the season. Chain Gang members Gary, Winslow and Ian will have to up their game to the next level by leaps and bounds if they have a chance. Roosters on the other hand are coming in as one of the hottest teams after rebuilding the team around defensemen Andrew Szeto. The team has been on fire and have pulled out gutsy wins when they had to. With the trash talking that 4th rounder JayR has been doing, Roosters will look like "ra tards" if they don't pull this one off. GM P Chan is confident that this team will take him to the promise land and show the abhl world that he doesn't need Winslow to win a championship.

Key things to watch for
- Andrew Szeto's ability to step up in a big game. In his sporting career, he is known to disappear in big games when his team has needed him the most (ie Brittania basketball)
- JayR, can he back up his trash talking or did it just make him have bigger target on his back
- Ricky G, will the CG be able to stop his play making ability as this all star plays on average 20 mins a game
- PChan, if he plays to his potential he could be looking at a victory, but the question is whether or not he has the mental game of seeing his best friend, role model, hero shoot at him with hate
- Winslow, if he is 100% on game day, he is arguably the best player in the abhl. But with current injuries and lack of playing time in the last few seasons, he is the one to watch
- Gary, he still claims that he is holding off for the big game. If he doesn't show up he can look to pack his bags at seasons end and be one of the biggest busts as a first rounder
- Fae, with the whole league talking about his trades, he has a lot of weight on his shoulders and his knees. If he is healthy, he will be airing a new commercial including his highlights of the championship game of "what if"
- Ian, if he can channel his intensity into the game and play his game he will be a force to be reckoned with. John Lu reported that he and Stanley Chan are also playing this game for the ranking as "the best centre in Spartan's history"

PS3 simulation- CG win a close game 7-5 with an empty netter
MVP - Nick Yato, with highlight reel saves, including 6 game winning saves on trash talker JayR

SHJB's vs Cash Only

With a huge target on their back, everyone is cheering for Cash Only. With a heroic come back by GM Ho, he has sparked an energy in the team and now they are looking to dethrone the number one team in the league. Although GM Dano is very confident they will get the "W" as the top team, it seems as though he didn’t' watch the NHL playoffs as the Canucks (President's Trophy Winner) choked in a pivotal game 7. This game will be full of penalties and excitement as former teammates Will Chan and Wilson will be looking to prove something. If the surging CO team can pop a few goals early, this game could get very interesting.

Key things to watch for
- Dano, he is one tricky player that can slither around defensemen and has tremendous hand eye coordination. He will have bitches cheering for his every move so watch out!
- Steve, after recovering from what would take out a normal human being 4-6 weeks, he played through a DISLOCATED shoulder by taking some magic pills. After taking 167 slapshots after the first two games, changes in the rules of no slapshots in front of the half has limited him to only 50 slapshots per game now
- Keith, look for him to dangle around the opposition as his usual self. The only question is whether or not he will make it to the weekend games as he has birthday parties to attend both nights
- Wilson, more motivated then ever, he has been seen in the gym by fellow broadcasters working out hours on end. Look for him to crash the net and generate a lot of scoring chances
- Jason, as one of the most underrated players he has a laser beam that can score from anywhere but the question is his focus as he is only playing on Saturday
- Ho, he's been building his confidence after his dislocated shoulder. After weeks on the IR, he had some magic pills from Steve and he is catching fire. If the pills hold up and his shoulder stays in tact, he can be dangerous

PS3 Simulation - Cash Only wins in a shoot out 5-4
MVP - Wilson with 2 g's 1 a's 2 penalties and 5 hacks to SHJB's shins

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