ABHL early round draft preview

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ABHL early round draft preview

Post  BobMukenzie on Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:20 pm

With the draft fast approaching a draft preview is in order.
First things the draft order for the first round of season 2 of the ABHL look like this:
      ROUND 1      
1)      SHOCK
2)      FT(acquired via trading of Ken Dang)
3)      CO
4)      SHOCK
5)      ROOST
6)      SHJB
The shockers suffered through a difficult first year. But are the odds on favorite to go from worst to first this year. Loaded with two top notch players already in Thang Ly and Ken Dang the shockers still have two more first round picks after renting out Ryan Tong and having of course their own pick. Although having the first overall is a great spot, its not necessarily an easy one.  With a plethora of players available who will the Shockers take? Also with such top notch talent GM Hon Yee needs to manage salary and that could play a role in who is this years first overall pick. Rumours have players such as Garvin Chow, Curtis Mah and new comer Eric Huynh going in that top spot. Following that first overall hes got a very solid 4th overall pick as well. Rumoured names in that spot seem to be Other new comers Mike Lee, Kevin Chew and promising goalie Vincent Wong. Hoac Tang could be a solid option here with salary cap issues on the mind. Also recent success with Thang and Gary Wong would make for a lethal ABHL combo.
Bob’s Best Guess: 1st overall Shockers will take Curtis Mah 4th overall Shockers will select Garvin Chow
The Tigers also had a rough first season as they narrowly missed the poffs over the last few games. In a huge poff push last year GM Bernie Chu shipped his first overall pick to rent Ken Dang for the final surge. This failed and as a result he has no keeper for this year. Although he has no keeper which sets him back vs the other teams, his draft position is very solid. The Tigers have the 2nd overall pick and the 5th and 6th picks of the second round. Bernie will need to draft a top notch star with that 2nd overall to compliment him while he rebuilds this team from the ground up. It’ll be interesting to see this GM get active this year and attempt to make the Tigers a contender.
Bob’s Best Guess: 2nd overall Flying Tigers select Eric Huynh
Cash Only was the fairytale team of the ABHL last year. They turned things around when their leader Ryan Ho returned and led them to their first franchise playoff berth. While coming up short versus the eventual ABHL champions CO had a terrific year. They sit here with the 3rd overall pick. Some believe in fate others call it coincidence but there is much talk about Cash Only reuniting with its former first overall pick Gary Wong. To the shock of many CG GM Felix Wong did not keep the talented offensive player. Ryan Ho has made it clear that he is very interested in reacquiring the services of one Mr. Wong. Other players on the radar for Cash Only are new comers Mike Lee and Kevin Chew.  If somehow Curtis Mah slips this far Cash Only could have their big three back.
Bob’s Best Guess: 3rd overall Cash Only selects Gary Wong
The Roosters made it all the way to the ABHL finals last year to fall short after a strong run. They will forever have a reminder of this short coming as Championship Tshirts were made for nothing. The Roosters will get right back at it as they will be solid again with keeper Ricky Gregorio returning and of course reigning Goalie of the year David Nguyen. The 5th overall pick holds a lot of promise in this years draft class. Defense certainly seems to be the motto of this team, but sources don’t have Roosters GM selecting Andrew Szeto at this spot. While a reuniting of the leagues best d pairing would be wise the Roosters are rumoured to be interested in Gene Carandang. A good friend of Ricky G this would be a smart move by the Roosters. Stanley Chan would’ve been a great pick here normally, but personal issues this season seem to have his stock plummeting faster than RIM shares. While these are all great picks I believe he will go back to familiar faces give a long thought about Winslow Tang.
Bob’s Best Guess: 5th overall Roosters select Winslow Tang
Rounding out the first round is SHJB. The leagues defending champions are poised to be in good shape. GM Daniel Mah did not compromise the future of his team while making his championship push. SHJB sits with the last pick in the first round and the first pick in the second round. This wrap is a similar position SHJB was in last year. He was able to snatch up his current keeper Keith Mah and fellow member Steve Wong. Some questions have arisen in regards to Steve as his health and personal reasons may interfere with a complete ABHL season. Will GM Daniel Mah stay loyal? Steve comes with a large cap hit and experts are predicting will slide this year. SHJB is proven to take chances on unknown talent and it seems it may go that way again this year. Kevin Chew is an unknown talent but sources says he isn’t a liability and has very skilled hands. Mike Lee is also a unknown commodity but is scouted to have a booming shot, although a bit past his prime.
Bob’s Best Guess: 6th overall SHJB selects Kevin Chew 7th overall SHJB selects Mike Lee
The Chain Gang went hard in an attempt to win it all. Selling its future here as it doesn’t have a first round draft pick in season 2. While this may be difficult to overcome, the depth of this draft may absorb the blow. Still with solid btb picks at the 8th and 9th overall experts are saying CG GM Felix Wong is interested in his old goaltender from season 1. A year of maturation scouts have Nick Yatco rebounding and having an astounding year. Other interesting picks at this spot are Stanley Chan, but his stock will probably drop lower than this, Andrew Szeto or maybe even underrated player of the year Joseph Florendo.  Another unknown talent is Check Chang. Check is projected to be a solid defensemen, something that is a much wanted asset in the ABHL.
Bob’s Best Guess: 8th & 9th overall CG selects Check Chang & Nick Yatco
With that this concludes the first few round draft preview for season 2 of the ABHL.
As they are noted they are just Best Guesses. Anything can happen, stay tuned Saturday and find out what colour jersey each players ends up wearing.
Bye Bye from Bob Mukenzie[b]


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