Weekly Cash Flow Results

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Weekly Cash Flow Results

Post  Ca$h Only GM on Mon Oct 24, 2011 4:03 pm

After being gang up by his fellow GM's.
GM Cash Only spent too much money during the draft and was over by $2.55mil.
Drafting Gary Wong, Howard Tsang, Bryan Lee, Jason Lee, Alex Hoang, Andrew Szeto, Steve Wong
Cash Only team had to take 5 goal penalty going into their games this weekend

Reason Why:

- Too many 6th round picks. 3 to be exacted!
- Unable to put Steve Wong on IR, since he been injuryed for 6 weeks. Because of the GM Board.
- Unable to get a decent trade to get under the cap. Because Low-balling by fellow GM's
- Unable to "ooh fack it! some people are just snakes!!!."

Missing in Action this weekend were
Howard Tsang - 2 hours of sleep, and he needs to serve and protect us.
Steve Wong aka Wolverine - didnt heal quick enough. Injuryed knee, ankle, and calf basically he was was fucked. Also he was on vacation. But he really miss action due to injury.

Subs in action this weekend were -
Vinson Last name N/A- Goalie turn Forward!??!?! I had no facking clue he played goalie before. Thanks FELX WONG!!! My Mukstake

First up was tired Rooster team, coming off a tough loss from SHJB. Advantage CASH ONLY!!!
WAIT!!! Never mind advantage Rooster they're gonna have a 5 goal lead!!! NO WAIT!!! Advantage Cash Only no RICKY G.
Ricky left game because he rather go poo at his own house. But really he had to get a new stick because he crushed his last game.

Off the flip off a coin cash only started strong with a goal from Bryan Lee made it 5 -1 in less than a minute.
5-2 later when Gary Wong saw some loose change in the slot and buried his first goal of the season.
Goals From Vinson and Andrew made it closer.
But Uphill battle all game for cash only made it difficult for them to cash in a win as they fell short to rooster 7-4.

Guess there no break for the RICH. After tough loss to Rooster, Cash only had game against Slytherin. Oh Sorry SHJB.
Congrats on Last year champions, no lies or cheating last year good job.

Another game 5 goals down, this was more of a defensive game for both teams.
As the score was 6-2 at the half. Both goals scored by Gary Wong.
Reffing was less than stellar, as both teams weren't getting any decent calls.
Emotional Captain Ryan Ho, had to take things into his own hands.
Slashing and Hooking Keith Mah and Dano Mah(No! there not twins, there married) and yelling at Ryan Tong (still friends).
As last couple of missed calls put the game out of reach, As SHJB capitalized on their chances. Cash Only falling 10-4

Cash Only Week 1 0-2-0

Huge Contributions to
Gary Wong - 3G
Bryan Lee - 2G and 1A

Thank you to Vinson for coming out.

Till next week, When Cash Only has another 5 goal cash deficit

Ca$h Only GM

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Weekly Cash Flow Results - Week 2

Post  Ca$h Only GM on Mon Nov 07, 2011 6:02 pm

With Week 2 around the corner

GM Ryan Ho has on his cell phone 24/7 trying to make a deal to get under the cap.
A full two weeks speaking with GM Pchan and still nothing was able to get done,
but once GM Hon was involved the in the trading process the pieces started to fall together.
And BOOyah another 3 way trade.

Team Cash Only paid cash up front and required the services of Dave Ly, Winslow Tang, and James Fong

Team Rooster acquired Eric Huynh and Steve Wong

Team Shockers acquired Kevin Tai and Bryan Lee


Bryan Lee - GM Ryan Ho had to give up his long time friend Bryan Lee.
Bryan Lee and Ryan Ho have been friend since 1998 dating back to High School.
With Bryan Lee already missing week 2 and Ryan not wanting to face his good friend.
It made sense to trade him at that time.

Steve Wong - unable to load his big shot for cash only. Needed to be dealt to get under the cap.
Steve bring a lot experience as he original winner from SHJB season 1.

Coming Over

Dave Ly - big forward with very good hands.
James Fong - Savey forward with amazing game intelligence.
Winslow Tang – name speak for himself, Winslow brings a lot of experience and is big game breaker. MVP Winner from H-Cup

Week 2 started up with game against high rank Team Shockers, Shockers looks good on paper but was unable put the chemistry on the floor week 1.
Very fishy moves came from GM Hon Yee, who had deep enough team to start week 2 but went out to acquire the services of one Tony.
The move made no sense as they had reigning Art Ross winner Ken dang returning.
The Ringers I mean Shockers look like Team Cash Only spending money like that.

Even after the trade, team cash only was still over the cap, but this time it was only a 1 goal deficit.
Up against the Ringers I mean Shockers
Missing James Fong, due to his two-way contract with Ft. McMurray group.

Off the hope Team Cash Only could not find the chemistry with their new teammates
The reunion of childhood line ( Gee, Dub, Dru) wasn’t what GM Ryan Ho expected at all.
Quick Weak Goal By Curtis Mah put the Ringers sorry I mean shockers up 2-0.

Quick answer by our new acquired enforcer Dub, put cash only down by one.
Than huge shadow appear at the entrance, it was Tony shockers sub for week 2.
Even tho shockers had a full cast of players, this huge defensive forward was no one you wanted to mess with.
Cash only aint no ringers, and played the correct financial way of hockey!
Before the half cash only threw 20 shots on shockers goalie Vincent and nothing got through.
Vince was only thing keeping the Ringers in the game. “sorry I every time I type in shockers it auto corrects to Ringers. My bad!”
Gee potted 3rd goal of season before the half and the score was 3-2 for the Ringers sorry Shockers.

2nd half was short, as a cash only was found running around with their heads cut off.
Cash only was trying to get back into the game, But once Ken Dang potted 3rd goal of the game, Ken put the game out of reach.
Final score 7 – 4 Shockers.
Player of the game – Ringers aka Shockers Goaltender Vince Wong
Cash Only – Gary Wong
Honorable mention – Hon “The New Snake “ Yee

With a little rest Cash only was up against Flying tigers.
Just coming off huge game tying goal by forward Bernie Chu with 3 sec left to tie the game vs. the Ringers I mean Shockers
Look like Cash only was in trouble again, as Bernie and Garvin put the Flying Tigers up 3 -0 in first few mins of the game.
After quick CASH exchange, Dave Ly finally made his cash only presences scoring the first two goals of the game for cash only.
Half score was 5 -5

Not only was money falling from the sky, Childhood line was flying again.
Dub saw flying tiger goaltender Hoac tang cheating off the post not once but twice. And was able to sneak two quick goals from a bad angle, that was just two of the 4 goals
Dub scored that game.
Cash Only Gary Wong flip the ball from behind the net and Flying tigers Forward Robin Chu mistakenly knock into their own net.
Dru blast from the point gave the first lead of the game to Cash Only 8-7
Seems like everything was cashing in for cash only and fly tigers.
As Bernie and Garvin had their way with Cash only as well 6pts and 5pts respectively
Goaltending was not at its best this game.
As the score was 9-9 with only 2 mins.
Cash Only Jason Le made a down payment, with a scramble in front.
Jason was able to find the ball and sneak it in between Hoac pads and it slowly roll pass the line.
Dub potted his 4th goal of the game to give cash only 2 goal lead and hold on the win.
Final Score 11-9 Cash Only
Players of the Game
Flying Tigers - Bernie Chu
Cash Only – Winslow Tang

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Re: Weekly Cash Flow Results

Post  Hon on Tue Nov 08, 2011 12:47 pm

Flattered you think we are ringers. Means we thoroughly thumped you guys

Tony for Bee (the keeper you betrayed due to poor money management) is a fair sub
Kevin chan for Ken is a fair sub

Ringers is a compliment. We'll see you when we see you. Don't ask to borrow money again.


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Re: Weekly Cash Flow Results

Post  Koolfumble Kelly on Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:46 am

Quite the detailed Game recaps, Good memory Ca$h Only, still trying to get used to the 'Ca$h Only writing style'... lol

whats a ringer ??!

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Re: Weekly Cash Flow Results

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