Season 2 - ABHL Power Rankings - Week 1

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Season 2 - ABHL Power Rankings - Week 1

Post  johnlu on Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:15 am

This week - Rank #1
Chain Gang (1-0-1)

With an undefeated opening week, Chain Gang ranks first in the ABHL power rankings with an undefeated record vs. two very strong teams (Flying Tigers & Shockers) in week 1. Their top line of Felix Wong, Ryan Tong and Gene Carandang produced an ABHL record breaking 18 pts combined in the opening week. With a strong supporting cast and an offensive stud yet to join the team, this well built team is looking nearly unstoppable with their gritty play. High spirited Stanley Chan is anchoring the second line with point producers Wilson Man and Richard Lee. This makes Chain Gang a double headed threat as both lines are just as powerful. Watch out for the Chain Gang ladies and gentlemen asthis team looks to bully every other team from start to finish.
Key injuries: Paolo Jimenez (lower body)

This week - Rank #2
Slammer Hammer Jammer Bammers (2-0-0)

Season 1 champions the SHJB looks like they have not lost a step. Going 2-0-0 in week 1 showing that they are a franchise that is built to compete for the ABHL Championship year after year. Leading the team this week was Daniel Mah and Keith Mah who combined for nearly 70% of the team's total points in week 1. Biggest question marks for this team was how the highly touted players in Kevin Chew and Mike Lee would fair in their debut to the league. Though they haven't produced much on the score sheet, they have done the little things to help SHJB win with their 2-way defensive plays. Much more is expected from these two players and the only way for them is up from here. Wilson Le is looking like a great fit between the Mah cousins and role players in speedster Kelly Pham and powerhouse Victor Trac can make a difference to help SHJB to some early season wins.
Key injuries: none

This week - Rank #3
Flying Tigers (1-1-0)

Out of all 6 teams, Flying Tigers are the most different looking team from season 1. Their biggest challenge will be whether they can build chemistry over the next few weeks to produce some wins. Season two's team is much stronger and much deeper than last year's Flying Tigers. This season Captain Bernie Chu will not need to carry the team all on his own. The supporting cast of playoff MVP Garvin Chow, Mr.Underated Joseph Florendo, Fan favorite Richard Tang and newly acquired Check Chang are looking to chip in to help the team so surge in the standings. This week Flying Tigers lost to the #1 power ranked team, the Chain Gang, and beat heavily stacked Shockers. Not too shabby for a team where every player played on a different teams in season 1 other than the Chu brothers.
Key injuries: none

This week - Rank #4
Shockers (0-1-1)

Shockers went into full rebuild mode after season 1 and have amassed multiple high draft picks. With those draft picks they built possibly the strongest team on paper (that's cap compliant) from front to back for season 2. Unfortunately they are unable to earn a win in week 1. Though missing Art Ross Trophy winner Ken Dang due to personal reasons, and having their heart and soul player David Luong re-injured his ankle in game 1, Shockers are not to be taken lightly. Team chemistry is what will hurt this team. Once the players start to play more with each other and finding out each other's tendencies, wins will come much much easier. Since end of season 1, Shockers are the heavy favorite to winning the ABHL Championship for season 2.
Key injuries: David Luong (Lower body)

This week - Rank #5
Cash Only (0-2-0)

On paper, this team is the absolute most strongest team in the league. But problem with this team is that their are not cap compliant. As a result, they have a handicap of 5 goals in week 1. Cash Only's second line is just as strong as most team's top line. In a cap free world, this team cannot be touched. But for now, at most I can rank them is #5 this week. The question in the coming weeks will be: Who will be the first Cash Only member to be moved?
Key injuries: Steve Wong (Lower body)

This week - Rank #6
Roosters (1-1-0)

Only win came from playing Cash Only in which they had a 5 goal lead due to Cash Only exceeding the cap limit. This team looks like they will need some offensive help. Only scorer on the team is Winslow Tang. Much more depth will be required if Roosters intend to do well this season. Newer players such as Johnny Nguyen, Dave Ly and Jimmy Ly will need to step up and chip in on the scoreboard. Danh Le and Kevin Tai will need to develop as more complete players faster and Ricky Gregorio will need to somehow lift his team offensively or Roosters will be in for a long long season.
Key injuries: none

This is John Lu reporting, TaSN, Edmonton.

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