Continuous Improvement for the ABHL

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Continuous Improvement for the ABHL

Post  fae10 on Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:44 pm

So even though the the first week of the ABHL was rather sucessful, we here with the ABHL are always interested in making a better and safer league for all. Rule changes we see fit for the next week of play are as follows:

1) no slap shots will be taken beyond half court(in the offensive side of the gym. Slap shots are allowed on your half of the court. One timers are allowed but nothing with a large wind up. We have to implement this as sticks are getting up in close proximity and can only cause problems. A warning will be given for the first infraction, but will be punished if not corrected.
2) balls touching the roof are autmoatically out of bounds and will be possession of the defensive team at the time of the occurance.
3) as a result of fatigue and possibly injury, our halves will be reduced to 15min run time each half. We believe this will allow for better more energetic game play, a longer break in btwn games /halves, and better time management for our alotted gym time.
4) pinnies to be given to GM's after each game for keeping.
5) penalties will continue to result in penalty shots as the purpose is to reduce all dangerous activities with your sticks and physical play. Three players suffered significant injuries and that is three too many. We must enforce safe play to continue the ABHL.
6) cleaner side lines - we all found the sidelines very cluttered with everyones clothing gear and bodies. Lets make an effort to keep it all clear and store the bags in the foyer. Keep all valuables in safe places if possible, or dont bring them at all
7) taped crease - we will implement a crease to protect the goalies as well as allow the players an idea where to play.

If any one else has any other comments we are more than interested to hear any suggestions.




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