Week 8 Video Hilights !! (updated with 3 vids Complete!!)

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Week 8 Video Hilights !! (updated with 3 vids Complete!!)

Post  Koolfumble Kelly on Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:12 am

All teams went all out this last week of Season One of the ABHL, and it showed on video as this Weeks Top 10 was extremely hard to narrow down. Excellent job everyone on putting it all on the table before playoff time. Please enjoy responsibly your Week 8 Plays of the Week:

Week 8 Top 10 Plays of the Week:

Week 8 Honour Roll

Week 7 + 8 Bloopers

FYI: Upon scoring Kool Kelly is pointing at his woman, who also just happens to be holding the camera, no hating

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