Season 3 - Week 1 - Power Rankings

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Season 3 - Week 1 - Power Rankings

Post  johnlu on Mon Oct 29, 2012 2:15 pm

This week - Rank #1
Slammer Hammer Jammer Bammers (2-0-0)

Let me ask you. Is it unusual to be seeing the SHJB sitting on top of the Power Rankings once again? It shouldn’t be as this franchise has been the most winning franchise in ABHL history. Once again they are off to a good start going undefeated in week 1 outscoring opponents by 18-6. Louis Lai has proven that he will not be a bust in this league by setting a league record for goals in a week to 8 goals! 8 goals is more than some players can score over two whole seasons!! Keeper material? I think so! Keith Mah continues to prove that he didn’t accidentally win the Art Ross Trophy last year, and that it was earned! 9 points for the allstar this week. What’s SHJB’s weakness? None on the playing field at the moment as their roster is deeper than Kayne West’s cack in Kim Kardashian’s *****. Only thing holding them back is their ever growing salary cap.

This week - Rank #2
Roosters (2-0-0)

This is the year of the Roosters some have said. This team is deeper than a cack in Kim Kardashian AND the SHJB. Going 2-0 without one of their first round draft picks in week 1 is quite impressive. Goalie David Nguyen looks to be back to his Vezina form while the team in front of him all contributed to the scoring from the top guns to the grinders. Big hearted player David Luong earned the second star of the week by leading his team scoring with 3 goals and 3 assists in week 1. Then offensive defenseman Andrew Szeto exploded for 6 points as well on the Rooster’s second unit. I’m telling you, on the Chinese calendar it may actually be the year of the Dragon, but in the ABHL, it’s definitely the year of the Rooster! Cock-a-doodle-doo gentlemen!

This week - Rank #3
Chain Gang (1-1-0)

Chain Gang destroys the Shockers game 1 and then ran out of gas versus the SHJB. Going 1-1 in week 1 with only 5 forwards is exceptional. Captain Felix Wong, keeper Ryan Tong, and second round pick Kevin Chan led the way offensively for the CG contributing to 80% of the total points for the blue squad. Chain Gang needs to get healthy and needs to convince their players to come join the show! With four members of their main roster missing, commitment could be a concern down the road. It has yet to be seen what the missing four players will bring to the table. It could vault the Chain Gangsters to the top of the rankings or it could hurt them by making them the bottom dwellers of the league.

This week - Rank #4
Flying Tigers (1-1-0)

Could have very well have been 0-2 this week but their shootout heroics earned them the extra point and the win. The Flying Tigers would like to thank the ABHL for finally putting in shootouts for Season 3! FT was being carried by sharpshooters Wilson Man and Bernie Chu by scoring a total of 7 goals between the two while the rest of the team scored the remaining 3 goals of week 1. FT could have really used their keeper Garvin Chow this week which would have allowed them to better contend with the Roosters instead of rolling over and getting black cack slapped left and right! Other members of FT will need to step up like journeyman Felix Cheng has in week 1 if the Tigers intend to fly up the standings this season.

This week - Rank #5
Cash Only (0-1-1)

No wins in week 1 but still managed to earn 1 point. Better than no points that’s forsure. Cash Only misses Ryan Ho’s scoring big time. But they will also need top guns Gene Carandang and Ken Dang to start scoring more dang goals for this dang team if they want to earn some dang “W’s” this season. God dang it!

This week - Rank #6
Shockers (0-2-0)

You’re the worst this week fellas. Yes you are. Though we should cut you some slack because unfortunately you did have to face the two finalist teams of Season 2 this week. On paper the Shockers roster is not too shabby, but in week 1 they just don’t look … united. The problem with the Shockers is there is not enough scoring. Scoring a total of 6 goals in one week will not get you anywhere far in this league. Shockers will need everyone and I mean EVERYONE to have the best offensive seasons of their careers if they hope to make some noise this season. Shockers do have a lot of cap space which gives them many options. Hopefully these options will turn into an increase in scoring and not all spent on buying new team t-shirts.

This is John Lu reporting, TaSN, Edmonton.

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